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April 19, 2010


Locust swarm inspires new pizza topping

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and catmanmax)


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Tastes like pepperoni!

Or so I understand.

It's sorta like eating circadas. Roasted they are not to bad. Alive they are not so good.

Is Dave trying to get us to lose weight? Large snails, dung coffee, and this. All at breakfast time. NMUA, did you eat a circada on purpose?

Adds a little extra crunch to your pizza.


This reminds me of driving through Malawi many years ago when it was still called Nyasaland. We were behind a truck on a narrow dirt road when we passed through a locust swarm and all the locals on the back of the truck leapt off and proceeded to pop live locusts into their mouths whilst crawling through the swarm on hands and knees. I still shudder at the picture of the yellow juice running down their chins.

A sign of the end times, as predicted:

"The Lord took the locusts & cast them into the Red

*grabs beer & pizza-to-go for party basket*

Now if we can just find the fun side to the "rivers of blood" and the "boils and sores," we'll be able to really enjoy the apocalypse.

nursecindy --
"On purpose" and a "double dog dare" are closely related. No alcohol was involved.

"I'll have the Plague #8 Pizza with extra cheese, please."

Today's pre fixe menu at Dave Barry's Cafe Away:


Giant African Snail sauteed dans sa coquille.


Pizza locusta


Le café de civette un trou du cul

Hey nursecindy -- good luck on quitting smoking.

I chewed nicorette for about a year after I quit smoking. A week of flu finally got me off the nicorette.

Whatever it takes is worth it, cindy. Good luck.

Maybe I'll send over a babysitter to distract you.

Maybe if nursecindy fired up and smoked a locus?

... hey, it's better than trying to smoke a giant snail!

Tasty and crunchy. If you eat them just right, they'll buzz a bit in your stomach.

Cindy, Chantix. great dreams in HD!

Would you like to hear about our specials today?


Why spoil perfectly good locusts by putting them on pizza ?

Thanks everyone. I never smoked until I started working in the ER and the staff there all smoked so, I fell right in. It is very much a habit in addition to being an addiction. I've caught myself reaching for my cigarettes several times and of course they're not around anymore. I will try not to hurt anyone.

If you hang one of those pizzas on the wall is it a plaque of locusts?

Waiter, there's a pizza on my locust.

Some recipes from the UN http://www.fao.org/ag/locusts/oldsite/LOCFAQ.htm#q19:
Tinjiya (Tswana recipe): remove the wings and hindlegs of the locusts, and boil in a little water until soft. Add salt, if desired, and a little fat and fry until brown. Serve with cooked, dried mealies (corn).

Sikonyane (Swazi recipe): prepare embers and roast the whole locust on the embers. Remove head, wings, and legs, in other words, only the breast part is eaten. The South Sotho people use locusts especially as food for travellers. The heads and last joint of the hindlegs are broken off and the rest laid on the coals to roast. The roasted locusts are ground on a grinding stone to a fine powder. This powder can be kept for long periods of time and is taken along on a journey. Dried locusts are also prepared for the winter months. The legs, when dried, are especially relished for their pleasant taste.

Cambodia: take several dozen locust adults, preferably females, slit the abdomen lengthwise and stuff a peanut inside. Then lightly grill the locusts in a wok or hot frying pan, adding a little oil and salt to taste. Be careful not to overcook or burn them.

Barbecue (grilled): prepare the embers or charcoal. Place about one dozen locusts on a skewer, stabbing each through the centre of the abdomen. If you only want to eat the abdomen, then you may want to take off the legs or wings either before or after cooking. Several skewers of locusts may be required for each person. Place the skewers above the hot embers and grill while turning continuously to avoid burning the locusts until they become golden brown.

Thanks NMUA. I'll bet Paula Deen doesn't have any of those recipes in her cookbooks.

YAY to you, cindy!! Keep it up and make sure you have plenty of alcohol.

Why hasn't anyone mentioned spicing these up with ground black people?

*snork* @ Ralph.

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