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April 13, 2010


GARNER, Iowa (AP) - It's safe to say that Elizabeth Rasmuson will have a one-of-a-kind dress for her high school prom in Garner. Rasmuson made her dress - and matching vest for her date - out of gum wrappers.

(Thanks to queensbee)


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I thought chewing gum wasn't permitted at school events.

Oh, the wrappers had the gum removed. Now it makes much more sense.

I'm in Orbit.
Four out of five dentists recommend.

I bet Jordan Weaver is going to drop her like a two dollar prom dress.

I'm surprised it wasn't Juicy Fruit.

I didn't see a picture of the dress and was going to say shoddy journalism. However I found this picture and video of the dress and vest. It doesn't look bad.

actually, clever. the article i found yesterday dint have a pic, so thanks cindy. she probly wont be able to wrigly out of being the bell of the ball............

I found another one, cindy, of the Happy nerd couple.

I agree it was pretty clever.

Considering the average cost for a prom dress is around $300.00, not including shoes and accessories, I'd say she did very well. Add in the cost of shoes, jewelry, hair styling, mani and pedicures, and you can easily spend over $1000.00. If Dave reads this I hope he was sitting down.

She did a nice job of "making it work."

Aren't gum wrappers made with aluminized paper? Won't this be like wearing a giant Thermos bottle to a hot, in the temperature sense, dance?

Did she use Double-Bubble for the bra?

Nice bazookas, Joe.

Late to the game, but this story made my day. Props to these kids for creativity. "Duck Tape" awards 1000's of scholarship dollars every year in their duct tape prom outfit contest.

She's cute. The dress is neat looking. But that vest. Talk about dressing up your pet dog.

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