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April 11, 2010


Hunt for Worthing 'poo thief'

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"...snatched the bag, perhaps thinking that there was something of value inside."

Doody is in the eye of the bag holder.

Serves him right. I hope his friends start calling him Stinky.

Poos snatcher.

I hope his friends start calling him Stinky.
More likely a patois proctological term.

Patois? I hate it when Loudmouth uses big words and I have to look them up.

I hear that there is a thriving black market for stolen poo.

The bloodhounds ought to be able to handle this one pretty easily.

its causing quite the explosion; promise, don't stir.

Bet he's smokin' it right now 'cause that's some primo $hit.


Sorry cin, trying to think of a clever term that scanned better than slang, vernacular, urban, street or just plain dumbass.

oh crap.

When he left home I bet the perp was thinking "I'm gonna steal me some sh*t today".
Job well done.

I loves me some patois on a little cracker . . .

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