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April 07, 2010


That was until the severed head of a pregnant deer crashed through his windshield Tuesday night, leaving him covered in glass and guts.

(Thanks to Poker)


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Um, how can you tell if a deer is pregnant just by looking at a severed head? Just wondering.

So, which part of the head clued them the deer was pregnant?

I've heard of other car accidents involving head.

Dude should have turned his headlights off.

Don't suppose we'll see that scenario on a dinner hour auto insurance commercial.

Since the "pregnant?" question has already been asked, I'll enquire how you can be covered in guts if only the severed head attacks you.

The truck was damaged after it rolled down a hill into a tree because the parking brake was not on . . .


Doe, a deer,
a headless deer . . .

Chris, maybe the deer had its head up its @ss.

*snork* @ Siouxie!

Where'd the buck stop?

*snorks* @ siouxie & bonmot

♬ 'Oh Deer What can the matter be?
Deer, Deer! You splattered all over me...'

Does anyone picture a fat-cheeked Marlon Brando saying "Make him an offer he can't refuse."

Should have executed a 3-point turn to avoid that 10-point buck.
(I know, it was a pregnant doe, but the gag wouldn't work out so well).

Not the type of head he was expecting.

Chris - I suspect it wasn't a clean decapitation. In other words, most likely the internal organs of the dear were still attached to the head.

But truthfully, i think the more important question here is whether The Flying Deer Heads wbagnfarb (answer: maybe)

As an animal lover I cannot click on this without assurance there are no pictures.

It's safe to click, cindy. No blood and guts. Dang.

I'd much rather have a deer in the headlights than in the windshield.

Ha! This happened at the end of my road!

I almost hit 4 deer as they crossed my road in a group last week. I wonder if they were the same kamikaze deer.

Deerly beloved, we are gathered together here....

Oops, wrong ceremony.

The headline should be "You Know you're in New Hampshire when...."

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