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April 06, 2010


Cleverest women are the heaviest drinkers

(Thanks to Bernard Black)


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Judi has an honorary doctorate.

And here I always thought the saying was heaviest women are the cleverest drinkers.

Who knew?



Jeff needs a drink.

...and some high heels.


(Jeffie - mandatory community service for you! Fulfillable by attending the RBR's in NYC.)

Jeff was excited to put his own slant on this story...

Jeff sent this in....italicized.

I'll definitely drink to that.

Jeff, you better hope judi has been drinking this morning and doesn't notice you breaking the blog..AGAIN.

The obvious reason is that educated, successful women have to deal with men like Dave. A drink is in order.

Sometimes I think if I didn't have the shakes, I wouldn't get any exercise at all!

I am a man who works in a hospital IS dept, full of intelligent, educated women. I have personally offered to investigate this problem by taking out groups of subjects to observe their behavior/problems in a natural setting (bar). I have been smited so far.

I seldom drink so I guess that makes me dum as a rok. *SMACKS* Jeff for Judi.

Since we're already italic, why not go nuts?

Cindy, I don't drink any more because I finished my share and part of someone else's years ago. I also got bored with it.
But isn't it a hoot to go places where young people are getting sloshed and just sit there in wonder?

Yes it is Steve. I get a certain pleasure out of knowing that the next day they're going to feel like they've been hit by a train. Twice. After they've eaten a bad burrito.

Southern gal's mating call: "Ah ahm soooo drunk!"

Southern guys answering call: " Hold mah beer an' watch this!"

jeff: one more chance. then the whole blog is gonna have to stay in during recess.

you think i'm joking.

boo: because then you're just being obnoxious.

Wow! 'Exhibit A' playing the heavy...

If this story is true then why does Siouxie have so much trouble opening her Box-O-Wine that she needs to take a machete to it?

*sends judi a beer*

Sharkie, the machete makes it easier and quicker. THAT makes me esmarter!

Touche, Chica. (That is what I heard youn say once the Zin is a-flowin')

The drinkiest wimmin have the heaviest cleaverage. Or sumpin' like that.


So ... accordin' to whut I read in that article, gettin' high scores on tests (even @ age 5 or 10) bodes ill for sobriety in later life ...

hmmmmmmmmmm ... that explains a lot ...

Must I explain everything?!? I swear, I am surrounded by morons. Waiter, make it a double!

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