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April 21, 2010


Last night the band was interviewed by journalism legend Sam Donaldson, shown below with me and Roger McGuinn as we waited to go on. Later on everybody went to a Mexican restaurant where some of us had more margaritas than we really needed.
True Anecdote: Amy Tan brought a portable karaoke device on the tour, and we were using it in the hotel, and we got Roger to sing along to "Turn Turn Turn," which he sang on the original Byrds recording. The machine rates each performance on a scale of zero to 100, and it gave Roger a 96 on "Turn Turn Turn." We told him he's going to have to do better if he wants to have a career in the music business.

Roger will be playing with us tonight in Washington at the 930 Club. Come on out and join us. It's for a good cause, and you can rate Roger's performance on "Turn Turn Turn."

UPDATE from the s.b.: Ted tells us there will be regular video updates on the Remainders blog, so keep checking back.


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Roger's Eight Miles High last night met the grade. I`d personally give it a 110.

Dave, did Amy`s dog drink any of the margaritas and does he sing along to the karaoke machine?

I worked on Ronald Reagan's reelection campaign.

One day the POTUS visited campaign headquarters for a meet and greet with the staff. Of course the event was covered by the media, including Sam Donaldson, who was then a White House reporter.

Mike Deaver grabbed a campaign button and gave it to Sam. It read "Cossacks for Reagan-Bush".

Dave looks a bit nervous.

I wonder what scores the other Remainders got.

What score did Sam Donaldson get?

Great question Siouxie. I hadn't thought about the other Remainders getting scores on the karaoke machine. Maybe Dave is nervous because his score beat Roger's?

From the WaPo interview with that guy from The Byrds

So what can we expect from The Rock Bottom Remainders?
It’s like hanging out with people from Mensa.

So how rock-and-roll are the Remainders?
They do things that rock bands don’t do. Like, they get up early. They will get up at 5 or 6 in the morning to catch a 7 o’clock plane.

Which writers have the most musical talent?
Dave Barry plays pretty good guitar and sings pretty well.

I was not going to reveal this, but since the subject came up: I sang "Under My Thumb" and got a 98.

I admire the authentic looking Post-Modern breakroom set you guys used for the interview. Very impressive. See you guys tonight!

Way to go Dave! See what happens when you practice a little, Roger?

Well done, Dave. Rock 'em dead tonight!!

*WAVES* @ Hammie!!! (wave at Dave for me!)

Judging by the smiles and that beverage, alcohol may already have been involved.

Of course Dave looks nervous, Siouxie. He's probably afraid that thing on Donaldson's head will jump off and bite him.

Actually, Sam Donaldson is looking startlingly like Charlton Heston in his later years.


The way Sam and Dave are covering their oompah loompahs, they must be afraid that Roger is going to hit them with his guitar.

My pictures from last night's RBR meet and greet are at:

Washington RBR Meet & Greet!

the three of youse look like youre waiting for a bus... (just saying)

Awesome pics, Al!! You and mm are looking good. I met mm in NYC, she's great!

Yum, Margaritas. I hope the tour goes well.

ArticAl, great pictures! Everybody looks like they're having such a good time and for a good cause too.

Thanks for the pics, Al! I met mm in NYC, too, and we all had a great time; glad to see she made it to another RBR show.

Also, I hope Sam will be playing with the band at the Boston show, and I hope they do the gospel-blues tune they did before. Or a different one. In any case, Dave speaks the truth when he talks about what a gifted musician Sam is.

Nice pics, Al. You look so respectable compared to we New Yorkers!


Maybe the machine was expecting Pete Seeger.

*Ahem - elbows Jeff in the ribs* And you're looking extremely respectable, too, mm! (Right, Jeff?)

Terrific photos, Al.

Maybe Roger didn't do as well because David Crosby wasn't there to add the harmonies.

Heh. Ridley said retard.

BTW - great interview with Scott and Roger. They're actually sounding not so bad.

Nice shirt, Dave.

The harmony was wonderful. Great job!

fyi http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=126171347

Thanks judi. You would never know from looking at the picture on that story how much they adore Roger McGuinn would you? Especially Ridley.

Great new video clips!! Good job, Ted!!!

nervous? looks sound as a puddy tat!!

I did I did I did taw a puddy tat!

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