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April 10, 2010


Sold out.

(Thanks to Veron Bowen)


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You didn't order me
I didn't order you
I tried to send you back
They said no no, boo hoo

Dweeb on my pillow
Migraines in my scalp
Caused by you...

Well...is he even half a man??


Goodbye, cruel world.

That third picture looks uncomfortably familiar...

('Course I never missed MST3K...)

Now that's just SICK.

Just something new for criminal profilers to add to their list of telling signs.

I may never sleep again.

You know I can't sleep around you,
I can't sleep around you,
I can't dream
And I can't snore,
I'm findin' it hard to close my eyes anymore.

You see, I feel fear
When you're here,
I feel dread
Near you're head,
If you only knew
What you're putting me through,
I just can't sleep around you.

You came on by
Like a shot in the thigh
And frightened my maid,
Who'd've believed
Such a nightmare'd be achieved
Now my bed and my life are unmade.

And now you know I can't sleep around you,
I can't sleep around you,
I can't dream
And I can't snore,
I'm findin' it hard to live anymore.

You see, I feel doom
In my room,
A colds sweat's
What I get,
If you're there with that sappy stare,
I just can't bear.

Now some people say
Cuddling makes
Sleep very easy to find.
Well I find that nose
Can really impose
It blinds me

And you see,
I can't sleep around you,......

It's funny to see the types of things people will buy now-a-days.

For a second I was afraid it was the RBR tour, then I remembered that we bought our tickets today so who cares?

Just kidding. I think there are a few left. And by going to the box office we saved paying the extortionate 'convenience charge' to Tony Soprano Ticketb@stard.

Hey Jeff, we bought NYC RBR tickets yesterday (we did pay the extortion)! I hope to see you there. Or even beforehand.

Kudos to Meanie. And thanks, now I have that tune in my head.

*flaps in, applauds SW and Meanie the Bard*
*prepares for hasty exit*

His name was Manllow; he was a pillow
With lots of feathers stuffed in there
He caused many a nightmare
He would lie waiting against the headboard
And when you spied him from afar, Barry
Always looked bizarre
Across the king-size bed, you stared at him with dread
If he’d sung just a single note, you’d have torn him to shreds

In the boudoir, boudoir with Barry
It’s not lots of fun; he’s quite scary
In the boudoir, boudoir with Barry
You’re sick and ashen, but you won’t be crashin’
With that Manllow—don’t fall asleep

Excellent, NotSherly. I'm sure we'll arrange something beforehand.

What about a Dave Barry® Manllow?

great meanie! and this absolutely needs to be on the dave barry gift guide......

Thank God it's morning, I'd have nightmares.

*raises lighter to ducky and meanie*


Anyone else out there following the Tiger Woods situation? Check this out: The first ad is weird enough, but the second ad ...!


*applauds* @ Meanie and The Duckness!! (which, btw, wbagnfarb)

Seems as though B.M. is quite an inspiration for some of you..... where were you when you, um,produced composed these?

Tash, you may want to duck after saying that but, I'm beginning to wonder the same thing. I think we may have some closet Barry M. fans on this here blog.

"Mandy" was my fright of life. Especially since a friend had a longer version of the name. That & there is so and so, and so and so, and so and so, then there is "you"..

good job, mtb & ducky!

I just realized that if you look at bonmot's name and shorten it you can clearly see it is actually short for B.M. Coincidence? I think not. Also, good job mtb and ducky.

Sold out. A big " thank you " goes out to archery ranges all over America.

They got the "half man" part right. I think Richard Simmons got the other half. NTTAWWT

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