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April 13, 2010


Vandals graffiti anti-police slogan on goat

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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I just fell in love with the concept of a "town goat". All we have is village idiots.

That's a goat? Looks more like a horse with a beard.

Funny you should mention the Village Idiot, Steve.

Maybe they just wanted to transfer the goat to another server.

"Town goat"- I think Boston had one for about eighteen years- Bill Buckner.

Ewe have got to be kidding.

That'll get their, well . . . you know.

Attention crooks, researchers, and other assorted nuts. Leave the goats and sheep alone.

Jeff, with all the practical joke links to BM around here lately, you had me scared to click on that. Thanks.

"Messing with the goat" is just a euphemism, right?

Should be an easy crime to solve. Check the stores to see which goat bought the orange spray paint.

Might not be the kids fault. The town old goat might have incited them for being turned out to pasture. He'd probably never grass to it (Rumpoleism).

ftp:// came somewhere between gopher:// and http:// and is still used in some cases

Exactly, OBS. I hear gopher (and archie?) still get used in obscure corners of the net as well.

Jeff, your link mentioned Dani Hamm; I misread that as Dana Hamm and got very interested. (Caution, marginally NSFW)

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