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April 17, 2010


MSU student thong thief caught with 79 pairs

(Thanks to queensbee)


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Why don't people with pantie fetishes just go buy their own?

Huh, I didn't know Marv Albert had a son attending MSU.

Thong Thief
Thong Thief
Thong Thief

did it

Because they're pervs, cindy.

Anyway, buying their own would defeat the purpose (whatever that might be). It wouldn't be an illicit thrill.

Or so I surmise.

And did he wear them or...was it just for "Gentleman's Time" as John Corbett put in on UNITED STATES OF TARA?

It's not a fetish. It's a collection!

Thing, a thing for thongs
Swing 'em round
Stretch 'em long
Batch of used thongs, not new
Snatched from laundry, woo-hoo!

Thing, a thing for thongs
Take them simply to last
The whole night long
Don't worry that there won't
Be enough for anyone
Else to wear
Just a thing, a thing for thongs.

With a thong in my heart for you.

Very nice mtb.

At the laundry!
The campus laundry.
The hottest spot to snatch a panty.
At the laundry,
the campus laundry.
No music or action but thongs are in fashion,
At the laundry!

I'll leave it to you to guess what tune that is based on.

"The man told police it was a prank and denied having a sex addiction."

Not true. The thong has ended, but the malady lingers on.

Maybe he was just a Four Seasons / Jersey Boys fan, daydreaming to the tune of "Candy Girl:"

(If you don't know it, listen along here as you read...)

I've been a-searchin' o'er this big wide world
Now finally I've found my
Panty girl
Panty girl

I-I-I-I'm puttin' on a show (panty girl)
She-ee-ee-ee sits in the front row (panty girl)
My acting
I'm blowin' all my lines
She's mine (mine)
Mine (mine)
Panty girl

She-ee-ee-ee, frilly in Chiffon (panty girl)
Wond'ring, I am - will she keep them on? (panty girl)
She's flirtin'
It's hurtin'
Yeah, She's So Fine
She's mine (mine)
Mine (mine)
Panty girl

With her legs together
Nobody knows what she has in store
But both of us know at the end of the show
We will say hello
At the stage door

Ti-i-i-ime for the final song (panty girl)
She-ee-ee-ee slips out of her thong (panty girl)
She throws 'em
Bestows 'em
We bow just one more time
They're mine (mine)
Mine (mine)
Panty girl
Panty girl...

(Okay, I didn't just write this now. It's from my Four Seasons collection. Of parodies, not undies.)

Oh, Ralphie. Owww.

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