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April 12, 2010


Man arrested in wrong pants

Key Criminal Mastermind Quote:
According to reports, the suspect, 40-year-old Bryce Agnew, told police, “I thought that stuff was in my other pants,” after they found a baggie of meth and paraphernalia in his pants pocket.

(Thanks to alfiela)


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CHanneling Siouxie: Brilliant!

Really? A pay phone? I haven't seen one of those here in ages. I think this group were sampling some of their product.

Mithter Agnew methed up hith panths.

sorry, i'm dressed all wrong. can i change?
(Insert clever statement about wanting to change, here...)
go directly to jail.......


You know how you always find things in the last place you look for them?
What if you kept on looking?

hah! @ Wallace!

Talk about looking like fools......

See? I knew I should have done the laurndry.

Pants were the grounds,
pants were the grounds.
Bookin' ain't too cool,
when your pants were the grounds.

Steve? You'd find another one. Try it sometime.

Honestly officer, these aren't my pants - I borrowed them from a friend to go buy some cigarettes.
It doesn't work with cars, and clearly it won't work with pants.

To quote Mayor For Life Barry, "The britches set me up"

That's medicinal meth for which I have a prescription that was there when I borrowed the pants that I was watching for a friend earlier this evening.

The dog ate my pants. These are loaners.

The logic is undeniable.

He pleated not guilty.

I just heard this on TV not too long ago. There actually is a “Not My Pants Defense".

I found this on-line that talks about it, also.

I never could use the dog-ate-my-homework defense, because all the teachers knew I was allergic to pet dander. Grrrr. I never tried the not-my-pants defense, either, but with five siblings they probably knew they were hand-me-downs anyway.

*snork* @ sw.

I can totally believe the "Not My Pants Defense" because almost every guy I knew in college was trying to get into someone else's pants.

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