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April 21, 2010


Blue Ash officials have defended Johnson and Officer Roger Pohlman, who shot the dog three times before he released his grip on Johnson's hand. His Taser had had no effect on the dog.

(Thanks to JT who points out this story is "not exactly funny." So please, hold your angry emails.)


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What the article failed to mention is the "mix" in the chihuahua was crocodile.

He couldn't pull a 7lb. dog off his hand? His partner couldn't? I have 2 chihuahuas and a lab. One chihuahua is very sweet and at 16 she is also old so she sleeps most of the time. The other is 5 years old and thinks she is a Doberman and rules the roost. The lab does what she says, however, she could easily be pulled off someone that she had bitten and a bullet to her body would blow her to bits since she is so small. My chihuahuas are very loyal and would fight to the death if they thought I was in danger or if someone tried to hurt me. The lab would just show them where the good stuff is and then help them carry it to their car. This man is at fault because he did not take care of his dogs properly. How do you forget to put the dog inside? The dog was probably scared and confused which caused her to bite. Another case of an animal paying for the owners stupidity.

The only dogs that have ever bitten me, or tried to, have been those useless little yippy dogs. Chihuahuas, lhasa apsos, and suchlike.

So, what were you doing to make them want to bite you wiredog? I've had Lhasa's too and they are great dogs. In fact mine, Bandit, died the day after Christmas last year and I miss him.

I remember one morning as I walked to junior high when a dog came and attacked me (claws only, no teeth). His owner promptly came out and said "He won't hurt you."

Last time I was attacked, last week actually, I was walking, heard yipping, turned around, and something that looked like a small rat, but was actually a small dog, was charging me. After it tried to bite me I put my foot under it and flicked it off.

Its owner apologized for letting it get out.

Be patient with me wiredog. This is day 5 with no cigarette. Pssst. Anybody got one I can bum? It never hurts to ask.

S'Alright. I used chantix. Stuff was a miracle drug for me. No side effects at all. About a week after I started it I just stopped smoking.

Don't try this at home kids, but there's a reason why you charge a gun and flee a knife. There's some physics involved.

Depends on the gun.

I'm going to have to agree with some of the other comments earlier; this is a tiny dog we're talking about. I find it very hard to believe that the officers weren't able to pry the dogs jaws apart and release his hand from it's grip. Of course, I wasn't there, but it seems that blowing the crap out of the little dog was going too far.

Also, Three Slugs and a Taser wbagnfarb.

Despicable little monsters. I have detested the breed since I was a little kid - my aunt had one that would lurk under the piano and as soon as you turned your back he would dart out and nail you in the hamstrings. We have one that lives two doors down that routinely comes up and barks at me in MY yard!

Don't blood and saliva conduct electricity? I bet the taser malfunctioned, or wasn't used at all.

Can anyone translate "Don't tase me, bro" to dog?

No dog should be allowed to bite. This is so trainable. We have worked with dogs for years and trained them that this is a major no no.

I have three dogs now, from the new foster dog, a chihuahua mix and our a lab mix and the Great Dane. When people ask, which one is alpha? I tell them, the bitch. (All my dogs are boys).

No me tase, hermano.

Some dogs really do hang on and absolutely will not let go. I think boxers is one breed that does that. I read about small dogs recently when I was embarassed to fall in love with someone's Pomeranian. He had been buzz-cut (or fluff cut) and looked like a teddy bear, and he was a nice, relaxed, friendly dog. So I read about "small dog syndrome." Basically, we dote on them because they are so small and cute, but the dog doesn't know he's been bred to be small. In his brain he's as big as a Doberman and you need to train him like one, establish yourself as an alpha, etc. If not, they get crabby because of the leadership confusion, and boss everyone around, including you!

So, nursecindy, that's why your small dogs are great(well trained), and some of these others we encounter are so yappy, bossy, and annoying.

Still no Pomeranian for me. Gotta walk a dog in -20 temps, no thanks.

Chihuahua's are the only breed of dog I'm actually afraid of. Well, maybe cautious of would be a better way to put it. They can be extremely agressive. When he was young, my dad had a chihuahua. When people wanted to come visit, they called his mother and asked her to lock up the dog. He once chased two grown men into a tree!

Still, I think shooting the beast was a tad extreme. Surely two police officers could remove a 7 lb dog!

When my younger chihuahua gets too full of herself I've found that all I have to do is point at her and say 'dog pound' in a very firm voice. She will sit down and shut up then. Also, I don't allow my dogs to run loose ever. People are afraid of them which is why I have almost 1/2 acre of my backyard fenced in. The proper way to say, 'Don't tase me bro" in chihuahua is, " No quero taser amigo!"

I like chihuahuas because they're bite-sized.

There's a reason dogs of this size/temperament are called "ankle biters" ... a truly well-earned honorific, IMHO ...

However, the breed I trust the least is actually trained to bite ankles (well, hooves/fetlocks/whutever), but sum of 'em transfer that idea to any walkin' creature ... the Australian Blue Heeler is a NASTY dog, becuz they're sneaky, low to the ground, and not as large as your typical "mean" dog (breed) ... all of which suits 'em admirably when doin' their job ... herdin' cows (or sheeps) ...

I once werked for an outfit and the manager had a Heeler (even the NAME sez one should watch out for 'em -- they bite @ the heels of whichever quarry they're pursuin' @ the moment), and she wuz allus tryin' to nip me (and other guys who werked there) ... I kept watchin' her, but one day she nailed me quite brutally ... I drop-kicked her about 12 feet away before she hit the ground ... she never bothered me again ... but I still wuz careful ...

Those who say "training" is the solution/fault are correct ... coupled with an owner who doesn't know, or fails to care, the dog will do whut comes instinctually ... bite ...

(BTW, D#2 has a ChiPom, and he's perty great, and she's fostering a ChiTerrier, and wants to keep him too ... but he's UGLY!!!)

Well, tazing would make all it's muscles clench so it probably couldn't let go at that point.

"Blue Ash officials have defended Johnson and Officer Roger Pohlman, who shot the dog three times before he released his grip on Johnson's hand."

Why did he shoot the dog? Pohlman should have just let go of Johnsons hand!

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