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April 07, 2010


Land of Excitement

(Thanks to The Perts)


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*wonders if they have all my missing singles*

Better name for exhibit: "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sox..."

the joy of sox.........

Shoddy journalism. They got have least put a picture of a sock with the article.

Let me try this again. They could at least put a picture of a sock with the article. I blame Canada for that.

We take our sox very seriously up here.

Is Lamb Chop in there somewhere?

A family of 6 could camp in Queen Vicky's stocking.

Stuff a . . . well, you know.


Ok hopping on geezer bus now

There are some Canuck teens in the running for a truly craptastic field trip.

I've walked by the Bata Shoe Museum countless times but never went inside. Maybe if they didn't insist on charging admission...

*snork* @ martinishark!

I heard the plaice has sole.

I Nuit!

* Phew! * I was just about to buy my tickets to Disneyland! Thank God I saw this in time!

Flukey, now that this is out the lines at the sock museum will be tremendous. I'd stick with Disney. The kids may be a little disappointed but tell them they're just going to have to make do with Mickey this year.

The Bata Shoe Museum is well worth a visit; it has exhibits of shoes going back thousands of years, with details of how they were made and associated cultural history. Even Imelda Marcos would be jealous.

Good point NC. But I wonder if the sock museum will offer "E" tickets?

Flukey if you remember "E" ticket rides at Disney, we will save you a seat on the geezer bus.

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