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April 06, 2010


Blagojevich fired from `Celebrity Apprentice'

(Thanks to sjhaller)


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The man can't seem to get honest work.

The Donald's hair was jealous of Blago's hair. They had to part.

The Donald has a part? I thought it was just a really really terrible combover.

The two men never gelled.

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

As one of my co-workers once said of our boss, "If I had HIS hair, I'd cut my head off!"
This from the bald guy.

And did the fall of this 'hair apparent' also receive a Silent Clock?

The 53-year-old Blagojevich explained his difficulties using cell phones and computers... Monday. He says his generation didn't grow up with what he calls "all that stuff."

Well, my grandmother is [CENSORED!] years old and didn't grow up with all that stuff and she knows how to send a text message.

He's awfully blithe for a guy headed off to federal prison.

His "generation" can't send an e-mail?

I didn't grow up with all that stuff either and I can text message. Heck I can even operate a computer!

In Blago's day, if you wanted to [BLEEP] somebody, you [BLEEPING] [BlEEPED] him in [BLEEPING] person, or [BLEEPING] used the [BLEEPING] phone. (Leave a message after the [BLEEP].)

I'll bet he can use a secure website to make transfers into his Swiss bank account, though.

Guess that explanation also explains why he wears his hair in a 40s style bouffant.

That's utter rubbish anyway. I've got a few years on him and started writing software as a senior in HS. Nobody woulda called me growed up at that point.

Absolutely right, Richard...in fact, we still wouldn't...NTTAWWT.

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