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April 26, 2010


Three people have been hospitalised after an angry goat invaded a nursing home in Melbourne, Australia, and went on a rampage that ended only when it was caught by police.

(Thanks to Joe in Outer Japan)

We're wondering how they knew it was angry.


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"conscious and breathing the whole time"....
Sounds like a worthwile goal for me.

Maybe he was just horny...

Billy was just being gruff

Rampaging Goat wbagnfarb, obviously.

You'd think a nursing home would be a good place for a goat to find a nanny...

Somewhere in that nursing home was a nurse thinking, "Great. It would happen at the end of my shift. Now I'll never get out of here."

Lotsa Luck Nursing Home.

Nursing home resident: "I wish there were more kids around here."
Orderly: "Let's see what we can do."

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