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April 05, 2010


Tonight at 8 p.m. Eastern NCAA Basketball Conflict Time: a special two-hour show. Be here, or be a steer with a thing in its ear.


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Very stylish calf. Annie should get earrings like those for her purse dogs.

That's a mad looking steer.

Are we sure that's a steer? It looks like a cow calf to me. I'm not an expert. But it definitely has a thing in it's ear.

NSherl?? It looks pissed off to me. SO I'll call it whatever Dave wants.

Ready to go! Lots of typing tonight!

Good luck Steve! As usual, I will look forward to your recap.

I'm a heifer - you're a heifer
We're all heifers
If you drink Dr Heifer, you're a heifer, too
(be a heifer, drink Dr Heifer)

Many of us have a beef with the writers
(They've steered us wrong before).
Still, drinking & blogging for us Monday-nighters
Is the funny bullsh!t we adore.

Is Dave giving us a bum steer?

And here I was sure the steer was going to be Manilow.


Friday April 23, NYC, at 8 p.m. Eastern RBR-DNA-Laden Kazoo Flinging Time: email me (stevesmontclairnjATyahoo.com) if interested in elegant and refined pre-show social interaction, or be in the zone of compaction.

I'll be busy watching Butler shoot Duke in the thigh.

I mean I'll be busy watching Butler shoot Duke in the thigh.

Meanie, I will expect plenty of crapcam photos from the event ass I will not be able to attend.

Sure, Siouxie, you can make it out to see some hack from ... what were they called? .... oh, yeah, Wings, but you leave the RBRs behind?

Meanie, I would bear Paul's love child. Not so much Stephen King's.

Nursecindy & NotSherly -- I don't blame it for looking mad. It has a smaller cow growing out of its backside, which can't be pleasant.

Renee, there's on coming out of its butt too. That had to hurt.


She's not a madcow. She's just in a bad mooooooood.

I might bear Stephen King's love child but I would probably we afraid of it. I won't say anything about our blog master, but I would love to sit and have a conversation with Mitch Albom and Ridley Pearson. I'm also on the blog's little brother's blog site and have emailed with him once. He is a very, very nice person. And a good writer. He will be with the RBR's on this upcoming tour and has been writing about it a lot on his blog.

Oh, sure, nc. Hittin' on the little bro to make big bro jealous.

LOL bon. Our cindy is such the literary slut!

(Don't be jealous cuz I've met them all)

(Hmm..ok...you can be jealous)

(Ridley is a sweetheart)

(You may think about hurting me now)

I admit it. I've cheated on the blog with his little brother's blog. And Siouxie is right. But Sam is very, very nice. I would say the same thing about the blog here but he didn't give me credit for a story last week and I'm still sulking.

didn't Stephen King write 'Misery'?


Yes, He Wrote!

It’s about time someone submitted an article on this topic that makes sense. Most articles I’ve read on this subject have been boring and confusing at best. You did well.

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