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April 13, 2010


Exploding Breast Implants Recalled

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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For once, Americans can give thanks that it's our buttocks that are more likely to explode.

explode or rupture? Implants do spontaneously rupture.

A young lady in my small town (where your business is my business) was kicked in her breast implant by a horse. The surgeon relocated the breast to its rightful spot since it had ended up around in her mid-back. No pictures available that I know of.

Damn terrorists....

The Hurt Knockers

goes without saying exploding breast implants wbagnfarb....

Double-Hulled Titties WBAGNFARB.

I'm glad they provided a photo so we could understand what they were talking about.

I don't think they can be called concealed weapons.

I'm surprised that these French implants have unstable silicone in them. I was under the impression that they put butter in everything.

So even French implants surrender?

The French army surrendered immediately.

So how would Marcel Marceau mime exploding ta tas ?

Expoding Haiku:

I need bigger boobs.
What could possibly go wrong?
Help me! I'm leaking!

Haven't we seen this story before?

Ralph, don't give the 24 writers any ideas...


There was an episode of 1000 Ways to Die where a woman who had inferior implants was on a plane. The decrease in cabin pressure caused them to explode and she died instantly.

Finally, someone else who watches (watched) 1000 Ways to Die...! I love the one where the guy is taking a crap in a Porta-Potty and forgets to set the brake on his steam roller, or the soused nimrod who sticks his head out the car window and has it neatly sliced off by a curbside mailbox, or...

You do know you can play all the vids at their website, right?

My daughter told me about 1000 Ways to Die. I thought she was making it up.

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