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March 16, 2010


Pet-washing machines.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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The problem with getting a cat in there is that, afterwards, it will come out. And it will remember. Oh yes. It will remember...

Many years ago I asked a guy who ran a pet groomers "How much to bathe a cat?" The answer? "Depends on how many people it takes to hold it."

Joyful Honda ...?

explanation page warns it should not be used on cats.

As the owner of four cats (well, Mrs. Layzee owns them, I just live in their house) all I can say is - no sh!t.

I just take my dog to the park with the lake, and throw a stick into the water. Bath complete.

How to wash a cat:

1: Open the front door to the house.

2: Open the bathroom door.

4: Open the toilet.

5: Grab cat.

6: Put cat in toilet.

7: Flush toilet 2 - 3 times while holding lid down.

8: Open lid.

9: Close front door immediately after exit of cat.

The only way I would use it on a cat is if I did not plan on seeing that particular cat ever,ever again.

My cat actually LOVES the water although I have yet to try to bathe him. I'm escared.

Hammie! That's mean! I assume Mrs. Hammie doesn't know about this.

I tried giving my cat a bath. But his fur kept sticking to my tongue.

cindy, Mrs. Hammie is plotting revenge along with the cat. (I'm guessing the cat is hers) I'd sleep with one eye open if I were you, Hammie.

Cat Bathing As A Martial Art

I found a video http://news.yahoo.com/video/odd-15749658/18648628

I'm with DPC, why spend $30 on a pet bath when swimming lessons are free?

My dog gets her first bath of the season sometime this week, soon as the ice on the lake breaks up.

Waterboarding in a box. Make sure not to put an Afgan Hound in there.

Where's Dan Aykroyd when you need him? The PET-A-MATIC 9000.

Don't forget the fabric softener.

you could give a cat ONE bath. then you would be toast. no, i dont think so. goes on that page with dumbo inventions.

My daughter bathes her cat simply because the animal is so fat that personal maintenance is a problem (translation: she can't reach the netherlands). Fortunately, for this reason only, the cat was declawed by a previous owner. Our family will not declaw a cat.

Good link, wiredog.

Let me be clear and say the video I'm going to post is awful and I would NEVER do this to a cat. But I know I'm going to hell because as much as I was horrified... I couldn't stop laughing. I'm so evil!


I guess the blog is too classy to make any "wet pussy" jokes?

Won't this make the Mr Brown Eye patch pop off?

bon - yes.

"I tried giving my cat a bath. But his fur kept sticking to my tongue...?"

I tried giving my cat a bath but she ripped out my tongue and my left eyeball.

Declawed cats bite. I had one bite clear through my thumb and leave bloody fangmarks on the underside of my thumbnail. I was taking care of someone else's cat and I was trying to keep it from going outside where I was afraid it would be defenseless, because it was declawed. I didn't try that again.

I have seven pet washing machines in my house.

They're called fish tanks.

And here is another way to wash a pet.

I gave my girl-cat a bath once. She didn't appear to mind all that much.

However, I wouldn't try to bathe my boy-cat while wearing anything less than full kevlar body armor.

I once tried to give a cat a bath. It had to be surgically removed from my arm.

Call me when they invent a David Axelrod-O-Matic.

I'll let the cat take care of things the way God intended. She is better-groomed, and often smells better, than my 14-year-old son.

Layzeeboy, the cats think they own you and your wife :)

I knew someone who had a declawed cat, and yes, that cat was a biter. Declawing involves amputating the first digit of each of the kitty's cute little fingers.

I once tried buyng those "softpaws" things. Then I read the instructions. It said to clip the cat's claws first. The particular cat who needed this (she used to swat me and draw blood when she was tired of being petted) would have given me a full month's worth of clawing all at once if I tried to clip her claws (I tried that once). So I just tried to be more careful with her. She passed away almost 5 years ago. She was sweeet in her way.

Pet stores have cat "wet wipes". I think those would work better.

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