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March 09, 2010


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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and away we gooooooooooo!

Break a leg!!

oh wait...

Nothing like live plays.

Many years ago the Utah Shakespearean Festival production of Henry V involved firing a cannon on stage. A patron's clothes were accidentally ignited. The cannons were moved back. I've also seen swords break with bits flying offstage, actors get their spurs caught and almost fall into the audience, and other near disasters in live performances.

i just keep watching it over and over... it doesn't seem to get any less funny.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

Ya gotta love a good defenestration.

Beware of Fairy Dust_Mr Sulu- "Johns Hopkins physicist William Edelstein said at the American Physical Society conference in Washington, D.C. the two hydrogen atoms per cubic centimeter in space pose no threat to regular space travel, but would transform into "deadly galactic space mines" at near-light speed..."

No! No! No! I didn't mean it that way. Forgive me.

Okay it's official. Ibid is a geek.

I loved the kid screaming in the background. Disasters like the window fall are what makes these church/school plays great. I don't mean to brag but I was a raindrop in my kindergarden play circa 1963. I was upset I had forgot my lines until the teacher reminded me I didn't have any.

I did plays in high school (small school, talent was scarce) so that got more cringes than laughs from me. Usually those stories end with "but we got it under control and hardly anyone noticed," like when the schnapps-drinking lighting guy barfed on my Nazi uniform just before I went on stage ("The Sound of Music" if you MUST know). Not this one unfortunately.

And proud of it, Nursecindy.

In California, there is a beloved outdoor play called the Ramona Pageant. It is all very dramatic, explaining the Spanish conquering of the indigent Indians, and enslaving them. The conquistadors begin to make their big entrance on horseback, only to have one of the crew stop them in their tracks.
Two very large rattlesnakes being picked up, right in front of them, in full view of the audience, had to be relocated.
Live theatre at its best !

If you had two large rattlesnakes in the same place, odds are there was romance in the air.
It could have turned into some kind of Romeo and Juliet thing if it had progressed.
Or they could have been stepped on.
I guess it's all the same thing in the end.

I thought that this was live coverage of the United States Senate.

My theatrical experience includes playing one of Gidget's friends in Gidget goes Hawaiian, screaming girl in Bye Bye Birdie, and a toy in Babes In Toyland. The first two were at Shelby High School and the last one was in kindergarten in O'Fallon, Illinois. I'm still waiting by the phone for the agents from Hollywood to call.

What happened at 1:15? Someone is lying on a bed, then flung into a window? She has a hump while flying, but the hump vanishes after she lands? (I'm not a theater person: please explain what was supposed to happen there).

I had some good roles in High School. I played Godot in Waiting for Godot, and The Wind in Inherit the Wind.

Actually, I was on the stage crew. In Inherit the Wind, I was in charge of the monkey when it wasn't biting the actors. In Hamlet, someone said "break a leg," and he almost did when he fell in the "grave" on top of the stagehands under the set. Byzantine wiring and smoking stage lights added to the fun. Why settle for drama when you can have melodrama?

Next year they need to have a a kid in charge of just yelling "curtain! curtain" at appropriate times. Or maybe a less "ambitious" production.

Once Peter Pan was refenestrated, boo, the play got warped and the fairy dust began emitting Cerenkov radiation, necessitating shielding; hence the quick curtain.

The play leaped ahead in time and there was an updating of the subject matter. I think the cast was attempting to address the my hump / lady lump duality dichotomy spookiness, but the spectacle seems to have decohered after that. I think the voiceover was saying ...

Good night loony Starcatchersdroppers playin'
Good night Wendy and Darling Mama
Good night crabby nebula in the rocker sayin'
"I'ma start some drama. You don't want no drama."

Or maybe it was just that Wendy's nightgown was snagging on the cable when they hoisted her, unexpectedly early from the looks of it.

BTW, Claire, any relation to Mary?

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