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March 01, 2010


(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Gawd. I hope the rules don't involve pregnant chads. We are easily confused.

I'd better start collecting information. I have no idea where my birth certificate has been since the late 1980s.

Wait...Florida drivers have licenses?

I thought Dave made that up.

The rules apply only in New Florida.

A gift from our Department of Homeland Scrutiny.

They'll probably just drive anyway..... You would be amazed how many people are driving with suspended driver's licenses or no driver's licenses and no insurance.... and absolutely no clue where they are going.....

Amber, have you read this blog much? We are not amazed.

"Florida, where some of the Sept. 11 attackers got drivers' licenses"

That says more about Florida drivers' licenses than we could ever make up.

We have three homes (long story-we're trying to downgrade) and we quickly found out that the USPS only allowed one PO Box open at a time. If I forwarded mail to Kentucky from Florida, the Florida box was BLOCKED. Etc. Since half the time I have to look out the window to figure out where I am, this was confusing.
For simplicity, we decided to go with one central mailbox, in Kentucky.
According to this, I cannot get my license renewed in Florida because I don't get my mail there. I cannot get a license in Kentucky because I spend most of my time in Florida.
Maybe I can walk or bike.

We have the same system in Virginia, for the same reason. In May I have to go get my license renewed. Fortunately I have all the necessary paperwork in the safe deposit box at the bank.

I now get text messages on my cell phone if I've picked up a speeding fine. I used to love new techn ology.

My husband's orignial birth certificate was issued by the hospital. It is slightly larger than a post card, and has no seal. As soon as I read about the new rules in January, I sent off for a new one. I'm glad I did...I could just see my husband blowing a fuse when he renews his license later this year and they rejected his original certificate.

Government: If you think the problems it causes are irritating, just wait until you see its solutions...

I got my license renewed in NJ last week. We have a similar 6-point system, but there is a long list of items you can use to get those points.

I'm gonna have to see if I do have one from Cuba. Damn you, terrorists!

Grumble. Stupid terrorists.

Oh, wait....

I read that article all the way through, and apparently missed the punchline where after he got his license he promptly drove his car into the nearest lake resulting in a 40 vehicle pileup on the nearest mixmaster.

Wow, wiredog, you're right! I had hoped Virginia was telling the feds where they could stuff REAL ID. No such luck. Good thing I've got a passport -- a series of 'em going back 50+ years, actually -- cuz it doesn't sound like my birth certificate would be accepted.

Man, for once New York is way better than the average. I renewed my license for eight years ON LINE.

Oh, you do need an eye testm, but as I'd had one a couple of months earlier all you need to do is have the eye doctor fill out a (veyr) short form and put the doctor's ID # on the form.



test, not testm

You used to be able to do that in Florida also, Jeff, until the new rules for REAL ID kicked in..now you can only renew it once on line, then you have to go in person and bring every document pertaining to your life history with you.

I'm glad I got in before NY changed it, then, although with the way the Albany clown circus (GNFARB) - the Governor and Legislature - is running things, who knows if they ever will.

frikken homeland security.

My new license here in AZ expires when I'm 65. Too bad I didn't move here sooner...

Yeah, we have the same deal in Virginia-- even the triage where you have to get a number to wait in line. On the bright side, every couple months there's another example of bribery and corruption that bypasses all the bureaucracy.

"Albany clown circus" = double redundancy

Send your terrorists to New Hampshire. It's live free or die here -- we don't even require auto insurance until AFTER you have an accident. We have a different system for dealing with bad drivers -- bad roads. Add winter, and the snowbirds are Florida's problem.

I think Jeff needs his eyes checked.

And these are the same folks who want to run your health care . . .

bonmot, it's called "failure to proofread" syndrome.

Document forger: " I'm sorry. I'm going to need to see your forged birth certificate and three other forms of forged identity before I can issue you your forged Florida driver's license. "

Terrorist: (aside ) " Damn ! "

Senor Bill Jones, your forged documents are in order. Here is your license.

OK, now that no one is here to read this:

After my son spent 3 tours in Iraq, I say obtaining a few documents is the least we can do. AND I don't mind taking my shoes off for airport security.

End of rant.

rules???hah! then how come all those illegals get them? someone please explain that to me.

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