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March 03, 2010


Unfortunately because of our strict policy against making fun of names we cannot bring you Today's Medical-Issues Update.

(Thanks to Josh Cypress)


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Not a ‘harmless snip’

No kidding. I had it done when I was born and I couldn't walk for a year.

Everybody Wang Chung tonite.

Thanks for the tip, Dave.

Somebody's gotta say it: Dr. Wang works for tips.

*SNORK* at Layzeeboy.

How often has the Austin Urologist, Dr. Richard Chopp been blogged?

I don't know if he performs circumcisions, but he is well known in these parts for performing vasectomies.

I was circumcised as a baby and it must have been terribly traumatic. I have total amnesia covering at least my first three years.
Come to think of it, I can't remember the last half of that frat party in '70, either. How many times can you be circumcised?

If you rub Dr. Wang's wallet, does it turn into a suitcase?

i'll need to check with a mohel first...

Good one Layzee and I hope you don't mind if I steal your first comment about not being able to walk for a year after having one. Best laugh I've had all week! I will say it is much more painful and traumatic for a man to have a circumcision done as an adult. I had several of these adult men come into the ER the night after a circumcision because the anesthesia made their wangs come to attention iykwim. Probably the only times in their lives that happened and they wanted it to stop.

Just a comment for Mr. Hess.

No it doesn't.

Instead of Dr. Wang, I'd rather use the other doctor they mention, Dr. Robert Barbieri. It just seems right to have this done by old "Doc Bob."

old joke:

Man walking down the street sees his watch has stopped. Fortunately, he sees ahead a small shop with a giant watch sign in front. He enters and the clerk is an Orthodox Jew. The man asks, "Can you fix this watch?"

The clerk says, "Sorry, no, I'm a mohel, not a watch repairman."

The man says, "Then why do you have a giant watch out front?"

The mohel replies, "Well, what do YOU think I should hang out there?"

Foreskin Restoration? Yeah, that is a pretty silly name.


Actually, there was a rerun of Seinfeld on the other night where Kramer took this idiot's the same position.

Banning circumcision? Yeah, that's gonna happen.

What a schmuck.

Tee-shirt or turtle-neck? Ladies?

Doctor Wang seems to be reading instructions. That is scary!

I was circumcised and couldn't walk for a year!

As reported by a gal named Fargen.

Little things matter.

Today's Medical-Issues Update soon becomes Tomorrow's Video Game.

I heard Wang's nuts.

If Wang's nuts are making noises he should go see a doctor.

SW's got a cute audition.

I have two boys, both of whom were circumcised as newborns. I checked under the bandages following the procedure, and both times they looked like they had taken shrapnel to their privates. It was ugly.

Due to a reduction in the elasticity of my skin, I required a circumcision as an adult.
I was able to walk out less than two hours after surgery, unassisted. The pain and swelling was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be, and I could have returned to work the next day, but as I had arranged two days off, I stayed home and watched Dr. Phil instead.
As for the loss of sensation during sex, yes there is, but it is comparable to the loss of sensation while wearing a condom.
Like a lot of things, the downsides are grossly overstated.
Having said that, having it done for no apparent reason, to a baby, other than 'tradition', seems kinda retarded.

I could hold my heads high in a country that bans circumcision of minors

Cindy - *SNORK* - I TOTALLY did a spit-on-the-screen LOL on your reply to SW's comment !!
H Y S T E R I C A L !!

Is the blog broken today??

While the blog's away...


Could we *please* stop snorking at the name "Wang"? It may have been funny in the 70s but now Wang is so common and mainstream that the jokes are just tiresome, like jokes about mothers-in-law.

Jokes about the name "Belgium" are still OK however.

Sorry boo, but we are a terribly infantile bunch and kinda like it that way.

Whaddaya say to "boo"? Yaaaay?!

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