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March 03, 2010


Now they're using errant emus, which would be a bad name for a rock band.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Are there inerrant emus?

Police were not emused.

Yup those Aussies can be real pesky, that's why us South Africans love whupping some Aussie ass.

Emu Roundup WBAGNFA Nicolas Cage movie.

I couldn't help but wonder if the emu died of (ahem) excessive force when he was arrested taken into custody, what with slashing the officer.

I read "errant emus" and immediately thought "there's an ointment for that".

Mot, I've always thought of Aussies as being the 'not as bright' members of that region of the world. NTTAWWT. Maybe I'm wrong. Jeff, I agree with what you're saying. If an errant emu attacked one of Shelby's finest it would probably be on their dinner table sometime later that week.

I think it died of depression. An emo emu.

OTOH, "emu on the loose" wbagnfarb.

"The two emu incidents do not appear to be related"
Oh, sure, that's what they want us to think!

Cindy, the lifestyles of Australians and South Africans are so very similar and we compete at cricket and rugby where we are arch enemies. There is a love-hate relationship between us which is generally pretty good-natured.

The deputies tried to prevent the tall, flightless from running into traffic on I-10

I want to know what happened to the errant copy editor.

Adora -- hee hee, noticed that too. I would sure be scared of a tall, flightless.

Errant emus with ambitions
Deputies in odd positions
Birds that scream against submission
Deadly force under suspicion
'Cos when the avian escapes you
Its talon rises up and scrapes you
De two emus, say ha ha ha
Dat's all dey want to say to you
De two emus, say ha ha ha
But flightlessness will get them screwed
De two emus, say ha ha ha
Dat's all dey want to say to you
De two emus, say ha ha ha
Their meatiness - yum BBQ!

Sick, MtB.

Ow! That Stings.

Somewhat off-topic, but related: why is it that the word "snarled" is only ever used in reference to traffic jams?

Because when it snarls everyone else gets really mean.
We are not bEMUsed.

Emu Talons of Death. Next on 24

"slashed one deputy's pant leg with its sharp limb"

Do they have a dull limb?

They're organized, Missus McCreedy.

There's an app for that.

The word 'Emu' is actually Portuguese for 'Ostrich'. During an early exploration of Australia, one explorer pointed to the large bird and asked "What's that". The part Portuguese guide said "Emu" and the explorer wrote it down, and reported it back to his superiors. The name stuck and has been that way ever since.
The Emu is actually an Ostrich lost in translation.

I love Meanie's song. It rhymes, and stuff.

**hands Meanie some anti-sting ointment**

**stretches the "s" in "anti-sting" to a capital**


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