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March 17, 2010


One in 10 British pupils thinks Buzz Lightyear was the first man on the Moon.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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oh dear. of course here in 'merica we KNOW that it's captain kirk.....

Is Brit 'youts learning?

Alice Kramden was the first woman on the moon, of course.

"She said: "While some findings raise a smile, it suggests that school children aren't tuned into our scientific heroes in the same way that they moght be to sporting or music legends."

Spelling ain't a high priority, either.

I thought it was "The Man"

"to remedial class and beyond!"

if you were wondering, as i was noel edmonds...


I thought it was Duck Dodgers. In the 24th and a Half Century.

We've been to the moon?

Sheer lunarcy.

Geek alert: The correct (but uless) answer is "Mr. Cavor."

Ha ha! Kids are so stupid!
I believe that every generation from the beginning of civilization has thought that the upcoming generation was going to hell in a handbasket.
Looks like we'll all have to scootch over and give them some room.

It was actually Frank Sinatra.

It was really cold up there.

Whoever put the black monoliths of course.

How many kids wanted to win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing ?

Moon Mullins? Geezer bus loading.

Most kids have probably seen Toy Story and commercials for it a ton of times. Most of them probably heard about the actual moon landing maybe once. When I was a kid, they had this "schoolhouse rock" in the Saturday morning cartoons, where they actually told you some useful information repeatedly. Some of it stuck :)

If history in school is like it was when I was in school, it's booooring. But I've read books about history that were fascinating. I remember learning about Lewis & Clark in school and being amazed at how bland the whole thing seemed compared to what I had read.

Kristina I loved School House Rock. In fact I still remember the song about the preamble to the constitution.

Quite a bunch of boffins, what?

My high school drama club did School House Rock Live one year. I thought I'd never get those songs outta my head.

The same kids also think that Neil Armstrong is that bike racing guy who was dating Sheryl Crow for a while.

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