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March 11, 2010


Someone is spinning quite a yarn over one New Jersey shore town. An unknown person dubbed The Midnight Knitter by West Cape May residents is covering tree branches and lamp poles with little sweaters under cover of darkness.

(Thanks to nursecindy and trustf8)


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dang. i crochet.

The midnight knitter what knits at midnight.

You start with little sweaters and then before you know it you have little socks, little scarves, and little toboggans. The madness never ends.

See, this is why I don't live in New Jersey. People here in DCia are normal. Well, other than ticklefights with the staff.

When grandmas go rogue...

A person, or a sock monkey escapee? Get the tranquilizer gun ready?

On second thought, that didn't work in FL, and this is NJ. Get the SWAT team.

It is nearly Spring. The birds will be thrilled.
We have a Mockingbird that returns each year to nest under our deck. Some years she tolerates me, some she doesn't. When she attacks, it's like being buffeted by a grey cotton ball; startling but not painful.


And the so-called National Security Agency does nothing.

Who knows what Evil lurks in the cardigans of men?

The Knitter knows!


The correct Evil Laugh (TM) is MUAHAHAHAH! The "MUA" is important.

Stephen King could make this interesting...



Darned criminals!

NJ is a little behind the curve, I think. This has been going on for some years. And in quite a few places.

A collection of pictures here.

The wild wild vest.

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He handled such notables as Manny Mora, an undercover Narc who became a drug addict and was sent to Fallon Nevada to refuel the then top secret Stealth fighter.

I highly recomment Mel Black to all charged with a crime so you to can have Mel make sure the Justice Department is apprised of all your endeavors, as he also reports to the Justice Department.

Could that be a conflict of interest?

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