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March 03, 2010


HYANNIS, Mass. - A newlywed Massachusetts couple spent their wedding night in separate jail cells after police said the bride tried to run over an old flame of the groom.

(Thanks to Catherine)


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Keepin' it classy on the Cape...

What no conjugal rights? It was their wedding night for heaven's sake.

Gotta love those hoity toity weddings.

Amazingly, alcohol was involved.

The Cape Cod Times article said she tried to run over the ex-girlfriend and the woman's son.

No mention as to how old the son was or if the groom was the son's daddy.

We need to know these things!

If it wasn't on the Cape of Cod, Siouxie, it would be considered just another trailer trash story unworthy of the national attention!

Alcohol, but no Kennedy's, was/were involved, Jeff.

Mr. and Mrs. Putignan0 request the honor of your presence at the wedding of their daughter, Marissa Ann, to Mr. Tim0thy Keene. The ceremony is to be held at the Barnstable Town Hall on Monday, March 1, 2010 at 5:00 pm.

Incarceration to follow.

These are the kind of people that put the k in klassy. I agree with Jeff. If the location had been (pick a southern state and insert name here) it would have been another trailer trash story. What a lovely couple and he's a registered sex offender. Here's hoping that they do not reproduce. Ever.

Meanie, maybe they should have requested hacksaws and handcuff keys as wedding gifts.

Obviously, the proper response to an "old flame" is to light her up, again.
One of my old flames once called me to ask if I would meet her at her brother's house. I reluctantly agreed.
As I walked up to the door, all that was going through my mind was, "Why did I ever teach her how to shoot that gun?" (There was good reason she was an Ex).
It turned out that we had both matured just a little. We parted amicably that second time.

"..and split a bottle of champagne afterward"

So they split a split?

Ya know, if they don't already have trailer parks on Cape Cod, they might have to build one for this couple. Put a couple of old lobster traps up on blocks in the front yard...

"Will you have this woman to be your wife until death are you pardoned?"

I wonder how long the marriage will last. Too funny.

Up next on Jerry Springer...

It's the Cape. He's gay, she's a dyke. The girlfriend is transexual and the son escaped from rehab.


"It was unclear if either had hired an attorney."

For the divorce?


Now that would be a good name for the new MTV show.

And after they have kids (and you just know they will!) they'll take em to Chucky Cheese

The Cape Cowd Shoa, er,uh.

The 22 year-old newlywed bride of a 37 year-old registered sex offender attempts to run down his former girlfriend and her son, on their wedding day.
A true American love story in action.

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