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March 01, 2010


Snooki had a scare at a Purim party. No word yet on FEMA's response.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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You sure it didn't collapse because she was there? She looks like she could break some things.

I tended Purim services Sat for a client. The Cantor dressed as a Land of the Lost lizard and the Rabbi as the Dalai Llama.

I would give almost anything to get a glimpse of Meyer Ackerman's Jimi Hendrix outfit.

Snooki & Purim just should not be in the same sentence, or universe.

Chris Noth was there, so at least the situation was able to maintain Law & Order.

I still can't get over Snooki & Purim.

*head explodes*

Am I the only one that doesn't give a chit about these idiots?? I mean...really.

Meyer Ackerman, as Jimi Hendrix:

♪ 'Cuse me,
While I kiss this goy ♫

It's a plot against reality TV "stars". Unfortunately, not a good one.

Snooki and Purim. Oy.

That's almost as bad as Madonna singing "Like a Virgin."

Luckily Siouxie, I do not have cable, so I have only been exposed to these twits online. I cannot stand them either. Of course if "Ma**holes" ever gets on the air, I may have to crash a taping and teach them how to behave.

Chris Noth is an oy-ster?

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