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March 10, 2010


Romanian street sign warns drivers of drunk pedestrians


(Thanks to, appropriately, Ralph)


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what could we say in english? drunken sots in the road? or just the picture would do??? evry college town should have that one!

College?? Reminds me of Monday nights after watching 24.

Or it could be warning drivers to slow down for those people who sneak (in a crawling position) out to the street to pick up stray bottles.

key quote:

"Residents said they found the signs amusing."

of course my kids find video games amusing, so wattayagonnado?

Dean Martin used to refer to his cuff links as curb feelers.

Road sign approved by A A A A A

Beware Vlad the Imbiber!

... or, in Romanian: Â Â Â Â Â

Wow, I never knew Romanians didn't have hands or feet.

Is that a genetic thing or merely the result of crawling after bottles on public roadways?

Warning: Rear End Zone?

We've had the same message on signs around Colorado for many years. Ours say, "CAUTION: SPEED BUMPS AHEAD".

This Saturday is the annual St. Patty's Day parade here in Scranton. (The second largest in the country). The roads are littered with drunken college kids for most of the day. We'd need one of these signs every 10 feet.

The poor guy doesn't have any hands. No wonder he can't pick up the bottle.

what's with the divot out of his rear end?

Maybe they're trying to say, "If AA doesn't vork we vill cut off your hands and then throw enticing bottles of alcohol in the road. Try drinking with no hands Vlad! You vill be sorry."

I think that's "drinker's butt".
I was drafted into bar tending duty once at a hospitality room. Not being much of a drinker, I had to ask most people how to make their drinks. Then, they had to have me sample them.
Next thing I knew, I was up on some Romanian street sign.

LZB, to warn of drunken college students they'd have to add Mardi Gras beads and ugly shorts to the image.

Also, the image would be even drunker. Definitely fully prone.

At least his mind's not in the gutter . . .

If he's crawling, is he still a pedestrian? Seems like he would be a handsandkneesian.

And what happens if the driver who sees the sign has himself crawled to his car?

When you're down on your knees
And you can't find your keys
That's a chore, eh?

Just out of view is the sign for "Carwash 500m".

We need that sign next to our VonderBar here in town..

I guess our German Russians here are not that far from Romania, originally..

I'd opt for this establishment to have a "Med Sled" at the base of the outer door, to increase Police Officer Efficiency..

We've also considered padding the street out front, to reduce ER visits

Check out this collection: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/03/10/the-craziest-prohibition_n_493001.html

I especially like the "Not allowed to pregnant" and Russian "No suicides from this building" signs myself.

I thought that was the 'you are entering a crappy cellphone reception area sign'.
Could be both at the same time, I suppose.

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