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March 01, 2010


Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern Dirty Bomb Time. Be on this site, or be a dust mite.


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Wonder if weaponized dust mites will be at the heart of next season's "24" plotline...?

Wonder if weaponized dust mites will be at the heart of next season's plotline...?


(Sorry, wiredog....)

So, is "24" some sort of TV show?

What's it about?

acccck...Meanie stoled my post!!

I don't know if I can stay awake...

And OT,

here's a long chat with the stars of Burn Notice (including Carlos Bernard's recent guest shot) for those following along. Season finale is this Thursday!

oh yes, /OT

Jenny's got a gun
Jenny's got a gun
Her subplot's come undone
Kevin's not having fun...
What is Cole gonna do?
Scooby Do Where are You???

Maybe Jenny gets arrested!
And that will further ease our pain
But man, she had it comin'
Now that Dana's Jenny
She ain't never gonna be the same

Jenny's got a gun
Jenny's got a gun
Her dog day's just begun (ruh roh!)
Now everybody is on the run
What did her boyfriend do?
(What the he11's her I.Q??)

I can't wait for tonight....the gripping subplot begins wherein Jack Bauer is tormented by a cyst on one of his internal organs! Neither the Chinese nor the Audrey subplots can compare to this one!!!

Hey, no fair using Manilow pictures, Dave!

That looks like my mother-in-law. NTTIAWWT

Steve, I've leved BURN NOTICE in the past but this year has gotten so dark and so nasty (and not in a good, funny way) that I'm hoping they get back on track next year.

Enough with working for evil psychos who will never give Michael what he wants until (WARNING!!!) he kills them at the end of the season (END WARNING).

That mite really is a pinhead.

Yeah, Jeff, 'cause you know Jack Bauer would never stoop so low as to work with evil psychos who will never give him what he wants until etc etc etc...

I'm in Kentucky right now. Up here, we call that dust mite "Senator Bunning".

Yeah, no kidding Steve, I saw what that clown did to derail unemployment benefits. Considering how much that's going to hurt here in Michigan, I think the Tigers are ashamed to admit he used to be one of their star players...

A number of years ago, Senator Bunning walked through our office on a campaign trip, shaking hands.
I declined. Sometimes there's just not enough soap.

If that was Dad's dust mite, what would Mom's dust mite look like?

Or should I say Barq's?

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