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March 02, 2010


(Thanks to John  Regan)


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Mona Lisa with a cleft palate.

"Bucket-o-Jesus" WBAGNFA Christian Rock Band.

Domino's wasn't kidding about their new sauce!

That's Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

When the sauce goes awry
On your big pizza pie,
That's the Lord, eh?

Here's another miracle.

Let us spray.

Jesus in a Sauce Bucket WBAGNFA country song.

Papa Jesus? Nah.....more like Papa John.

He isn't aging well. Looks way older than 33. Maybe he has acid reflux from all the tomato sauce.

Wait. Let's try a test. Show that to a gathering of newspaper reporters and see if they see Karl Marx.

Kudos, mtb!

Maybe it's John or George of the Beatles.

Maybe the Lord is trying to tell us to quit eating so much junk. Like pizza and other not so healthy foods. Just an idea.

"Maybe it's John or George of the Beatles."

Sgt. Pepperoni?

Hey if he can walk on water why not pizza sauce?

Of course the chef claims his sauce is Divine.

Looks more like Geraldo Rivera.

long as it wasnt meat sauce.... you know, friday, lent, etc.

Another miracle that supersedes all these miracles.

Brownie's is one of my favorite pizza joints. I drove by there Friday after this was published and there was a frickin' line of people waiting to get in. So I did the smart thing and went to Long John Silvers. Didn't see JC on my Hush Puppies, though.

Robert DeNiro from "The Mission"

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