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March 10, 2010


(Thanks to catmanmax)


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An outdoors columnist from East Texas wrote once about his family serving up a bowl of fried squirrel heads with a big country breakfast. His dad would crack the heads open with his pocket knife and squish the brains out over his eggs.

Course, East Texas is pretty close to Coonass Country, where, if it's got eyeballs and an a$$hole, they'll eat it.

The recipe is featured in Bullwinkle's à la Carte.

My bro-in-law likes to shoot squirrels, and the family has a strict "you shoot it, you eat it" policy. So he fried up some squirrel fritters for a big family meal, but kept them on a separate plate from the main course so 90-year-old Grandma wouldn't see them and be upset about the poor little critters.

Of course, when they offered Grandma some steak, she pointed at the roasted roof rat and demanded, "What are those down there? Let me try some of those." Much maneuvering followed.

I am a firm believer in the "you shoot it, you eat it" policy. Which is why I don't shoot squirrels.

Or spoonies.

"if it's got eyeballs and an a$$hole...eat it"

words to live by

"roof rat" = excellent

Know why God made armadillos?

So the coonass could have possum on the half-shell.

Warning: contains nuts.

people were calling especially to see if we had it on,’ said Andy Cross, landlord at the Black Swan in York.

caller: Hello..? Hello - I say, do you have it on?

I love beaver hunting. And shooting. And I firmly hold to the 'if you shoot it, you eat it' rule.

i sense a double entendre there, wiredog...
but i do agree 100%

Reminds wiredog this is a family blog. Having never eaten rabbit I would have nothing to compare this too. I must admit though I have eaten squirrel once as a child. Not bad but a little greasy. I ate it by accident. My dads family is from southern Georgia and also abide by the 'you shoot it you eat it' rule. It was at a family reunion and when my mom found out she was very, very upset since my dad was supposed to identify everything prior to us eating it.


Thanks. As a coona$$, I appreciate that. :-) We'll generally eat anything that doesn't eat us first...and make it taste good.

True dat, Mary.

First you make a roux . . .

I too come from a "You shoot it, you eat it" family, but the actual rule is that there are two kinds of things you may shoot: Those you will eat, and those that will eat you. And if those that will eat you are edible, you are ethically bound to eat those too.

This is the Final Solution to the Terrorist Squirrel problem...

The Black Swan in York, eh? I lived in York in the 90s; of course they didn't serve this exact delicacy back then. At least I don't remember... Anyway, not really a case of highly unfortunate timing, eh? XD

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