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March 17, 2010


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Peter Metrinko)


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Well, I'll be dipped.

It shrank badly afterward.

Well Dave, they didn't want someone coming forward claiming their alpaca was first, I guess.

Of course, Surfing Alpacas WBAGNFARB.

[singing in the shower] "I'll packa up my troubles in my old kit bag and smile, smile, smile."

The guy looks a lot more excited than the alpaca.

It's all about a new movie called "Surfing Peru" starring Lorenzo Llamas.

*sigh* I bet that alpaca is a better surfer than I am...

Probably has better waves too.

The PETA Surf Patrol has been dispatched.

"Yo, Dude, your surfing sucks and your dog's ugly."

I don't know why it's wearing a wetsuit; wool stays warm even when wet.

I wonder how much alcohol was involved when they thought about doing this?

I hope he doesn't get all gnarly, man.

I'd rather see alpaca surfing than Al Roker surfing.

Does a wet alpaca smell better than a wet dog? Because wet dogs are just awful.


Dude! Hang Camel Toe.

The Texas A&M Aggies recently came up with a new use for alpacas -- wool!

Long after The Big Vicuna, Duke Vicunamoku, however.

I think a more important story here is the article about the topless sledging tournament in Germany.

Al Gore: " I invented Alpaca surfing. "

wait...isn't that obamadude?
and michellette?

Looks like a drowned Afgan hound. Or Dennis Kucinich.

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