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March 16, 2010


Bottomless Duds

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Kind of sad in a way. It sounds like he was desperate and broke. However, if I were going to shoplift meat I would have passed on the beef tongue.

No mention of the two nuts and a weiner?

OTOH, I agree with cindy, it's pretty sad.

Apparently he was really, really glad to see you!

The Rock Bottomless Rema---

No. Never mind. Forget I even suggested it. And above all, do NOT form a mental image.

Have you got your party all planned for tomorrow padraig?

padraig, here's an early Happy High Holy Day. I doubt I'll be in any shape to wish it to you tomorrow.

Rump roast. I bet.

Go raibh maith agat, LZ & cindy. Easy on the Guinness there, leave room for the Smithwick's. If you guys weren't geographically challenged I'd have ya both over.


I like beer too, pad...sheesh.

I'm Cuban-Irish on St. Patty's.

Seems like this guy could have just kept on going.

"The beef tongue?"
Right here.
Right. One ... two .... three.
"How about .... er,.... a whole chicken?"
Coming right up.
"Any wine?"
Red or white?
Apple pie, rice pudding, tiramisu .....

Beef tongue isn't shoplifting; it's a practical joke.
Yeah, he sounds desperate. He also doesn't seem to have thought his clever plan through very well. He's homeless. But I can't imagine that beef tongue could be eaten without extensive preparation and cooking.
Anyone have experience in this area?

The first Irishman out in the Springtime?

Paddy O'Furniture.

As one of the few people here (or anywhere, so I'm guessing on this) who actually likes tongue, I guess it would depend - cooked or raw?

Bottomless Duds would NOT have been a very smart name for the RBRs, by the way.


I think tongue is often boiled so I have a vision of a trash can filled with water on a bonfire with a pink tongue bobbing on the surface.

It does nothing to improve this poor soul's prospects.

Jeff, I believe most women like tongue.


*goes back to doing serious tax work*

Siouxie, would you like to expand on that? Just to help us men out.

I've heard that, Siouxie.


My grandmother used to cook tongue in a pressure cooker; otherwise you have to simmer it for hours (a crock pot also works). Just remove the onions from your pants, slice or chop them (the onions) as you wish, and add them to the pot with spices.

I enjoy beef tongue occasionally, but rarely cook it since I can't eat a whole tongue myself, and there's not much you can do with the leftovers.

Actually, most beef tongue (and lips, cheeks, etc.) is sold as "meat by products" for pet food or hot dogs.

Paddy O-Cheesehead, I prefer the Smithwick's as well but it must be accompanied by some Bushmill's Malt.

bon, BA, you know the two gay Irishmen, right? Patrick Fitzhenry and Henry Fitzpatrick?

Oi, 'tis startin' early, 'tis, 'tis...

Oh, and I quit eating pancakes too.

Woolworths has rump steaks ? Who knew ?

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