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March 10, 2010


(Thanks to Joe Hicks)


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Nothing says "I Love You, Mom" like Panda Poo and Friends.

And that's a good thing.

I think Panda Poo is more appropriate for Father's day.

bronx zoo was selling ZooDOO like 15 yrs ago. hardly a new idea. maybe it took a while to get to ozzieland or maybe they didnt market it well. how do you market poop, anyway????

My kids did give me a Father's Day gift of a journal made from elephant poo, so I'm not sure what the joke is here. Oh, and a card that was a very crude "fart" joke.

A while ago I was at a function for ZooAtlanta where they had drawings for door prizes which included several bags of ZooDoo. My number was never called so I can truthfully say that I didn't win sh!t.

As a mom, I will emphatically state that I DO NOT want this for Mother's Day.

RIP Corey Haim

Funi Wang Wang Poo Poo.

As an off again on again organic gardener, I can honestly say I'd like to get some of the stuff. I have to put the stuff in my car trunk which can lead to family discussions.

My sister always said Daddy would buy sh!t if they had it at a yard sale. He admitted it, but only if the price were right.


...and if they raffled off Bauer Poop, you could win: [altogether, now]

...um, a thigh shot?

.. rim shot ..

Mary, it is sad about Corey Haim. RIP Corey. As for the Panda Poo, I do not want this for Mothers Day or any other gift giving day. My kids give me enough shi%t as it is without them going out and buying more.

And speaking of holidays . . . only four more days until Steak and Blowjob Day! It's Valentine's Day for guys!

Nurse Cindy,

That's a good one!

I like pandas, but I draw the line at buying their poop.

... well, i'm disappointed. from the title, i thought FOR SURE there would be pix of guys in kilts here....

That's not as classy as the Moose "nugget" earrings they sell at the Anchorage airport gift shop!

Actually, panda poo is sweet-smelling! ;)

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