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March 16, 2010



(Thanks to catmanmax)


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wow. let them try the no-pants approach in washington. oh wait. i dont want to see that. never mind.

Italians wear underwear? Who knew!

When in Rome ..... um, nevermind.

"...Alemanno was dragging his feet over passing the budget..."

Hope he doesn't trip over his pants.

warning - every time you make a "pants on the ground" joke, a kitten dies Barry Manilow writes another song.

If only our politicians were that dignified.

Pants on the ground,
Pants on the ground,
Lookin' like a fool widcher pants on the ground . . .

"Udate" is Italian for "Update," I guess.

The wussie-man on the left (sorry) wrecked the whole effect.

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray our government will always keep,
their pants cinched tightly around their waists.
May they not drop them with any haste.
With Nancy Pelosi it would be so wrong,
to see her standing in just her thong.
Then there's Biden and Harry Reid,
These are images we do not need.
So dear Lord please hear my plea,
I promise to ask nothing else from thee.

I was going to put something in there about Clinton but I couldn't think of a rhyme.

*thinks about Nancy Pelosi and Barny Frank*
*throws up in my mouth a lot*

Hey fivver now think about them in THONGS! Make you feel any better?

eh...not full monty.

Not that I'd WANT to see that, mind you. And yes, the thought of Pelosi and Frank dropping trou makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

I wonder if the guy holding up the underwear in front of his pants was going commando and didn't get the memo....

"I got yer stimulus package right here!"

Siouxie, I think that's what John Edwards used to tell them.

wow. let them try the no-pants approach in washington. oh wait. i dont want to see that. never mind.

Posted by: queensbee | March 16, 2010 at 09:26 AM

Remember last week's controversy over the resignation of Rep. Eric Massa (D-NTTAWT)? According to Massa, he and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel already did that, when Emanuel allegedly tried to...lobby...Massa on ObamaCare in the Congressional showers.

Why do I keep thinking of salami?

Nice poem, nc.

Thank you NotSherly.

cindy, I will add that to my nightly prayers ;P

Whereas Glenn Beck...

*runs to vomitorium*

Seeing they're politicians are they maybe calling for a general erection election.

So now centre-right parties are considered right wing?

Waves at Mot. It's good to see you back on the blog. Now, I'm going out to clean my windscreen and check the tyres on the car. I'll also make sure the bonnet is down and there is nothing in the boot that shouldn't be. How'd I do?

Spot on, nursecindy.

Now tell the other Mot you root for the Arsenal.

Pretty good NC we'll get you speaking normally yet.

cindy, make sure you go to the loo before getting on the lift.

The only problem you may have trouble with is I have a southern accent. However, I've heard that the British accent and the southern accent are similar and that was why Vivian Leigh was able to do Scarlett O'Hara so well.

Just don't wear a fanny pack.

Inaugural meeting of the Rielle Hunter Fan Club, Italian Branch.

Pelosi in a thong? Thank you very much, cindy.


Pelosi in a Thong WBAGNFARB or a purgative.

Va pensero!

I'm guessing judi and Siouxie are hoping this practice catches on in Scotland as well...

Va Bene!!

I dabbled in Italiano years ago and this is multo-yucko!

For some reason when I look at this picture I think of the old song, "Short shorts". And Dave's all time favorite song, 2525. I just finished reading, "Dave Barry's Book Of Bad Songs" and now 'Yummy,yummy yummy, I've Got Love In My Tummy' is stuck in my head. Thanks Dave.

"Love in my tummy" reminds me of this joke:

A little girl comes home from school and announces to her mom that she now knows where babies come from.

"Do tell, dear."

"Well, the mommy kisses daddy's thingy and some stuff comes out that goes in her tummy and grows a baby."

Mom says, "No, dear. That's where JEWELRY comes from."


ohhhhh shiny!

I keep singing this song in my mind...yes, here in the gutter.

♬ El schlongo, schlongo Italiano...♫

i do love your worst songs book dave - last time i checked it was outta print. can you fix that? i'd loan it, but since it is out of print, no way.

here cindy, to help you get that song out of your head - now you can get this tune in your head.... someone left the cake out in the rain, and I think that I can make it and ... (OK you finish)

Why can't our congress do that? Wait, they do. nevermind.,

Thanks queensbee. I don't think that I can take it because it took so long to make it and I'll never have that recipe again! Oh nooooooooo....
I hated that song the first time I heard it.

Monica Mice Lewinski, just think of middle names..

So that's where my tooth brace went, I thought they were missin'

The underpants of many European men. Ug! Something I really never, ever want to see.

no problem... i hated mcarthur park too. but my least favorite is horse with no name. i almost drove off the road one time trying to change the radio station. (well, that was a long time ago)
dave - there's clamor out there!! time for an updated version of that book...

That picture should forever settle the question, "Boxers or briefs?"

Most politicians look better fully clothed. Paul Ryan's cute, but ya know, I prefer a little mystery, even when they're nice to look at.

Nurse Cindy, not the image of Harry Reid in a thong! Yikes!

Are they out of their mind? Perhaps they all are drunk!!

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