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March 15, 2010


Here is where we stand:

Last week, while Marcos was trying to activate the World's Safest Suicide Vest, Jack persuaded him to talk by threatening to turn his mom into a human Hot Pocket. Shortly before being concerted to small terrorist particles Marcos revealed that President Sham's daughter Kayla's boyfriend Tarin is in on the plot to bring the Lethal Atomic Rods of Doom into Manhattan. CTU knows what hotel Tarin and Kayla are in and has ordered a perimeter to be set up around it, so we can safely assume that Tarin will escape.


The Kevin subplot, which we thought was dead and buried in the swamp, has reappeared in the form of Kevin's parole agent, who called Agent Dana Walsh and said he wants to talk to her, which she agreed to do because otherwise she would have to go back to her actual job of countering terrorism, which she has spent perhaps three minutes on since the season began.

Edgar is still dead.

Stay tuned in the comments after the show to watch The Amazing Steve somehow make sense of what happened. Meanwhile, here's a scientific poll:

What would happen if CTU set up a perimeter around the Washington Monument?
The monument would be gone in 45 seconds.
But then Chloe would locate it by typing really fast.
But then CTU would lose it again because it would follow a decoy monument.
pollcode.com free polls

UPDATE:A Twist That Will Change Everything!

UPDATE: They're talking about getting to a hotel in midtown Manhattan as if it's Madagascar.

UPDATE: A really shrewd woman would sit on the toilet at this point, and Tarin would be HELPLESS.

UPDATE: They should have some kind of ceremony to observe the 5,000th failed "24" perimeter.

UPDATE: Jack needs a Kidnap and an Electronic Intercept Package. As do we all, from time to time.

UPDATE: Wait... now we need FOUR Gs? I don't even know what "G" is, and now I need FOUR.

UPDATE: I think agent Walsh should just shoot this guy in the head and end this subplot NOW.

UPDATE: Agent Walsh is thinking: Oh what a tangled web we weave, etc. Assuming she is capable of thought.

UPDATE: Why the blindfold? Seriously. Why?

UPDATE: This is a total violation of the Consumer Product Safety Code for plastic bags.

UPDATE: Hastings, with one second of examination, is able to identify the contents of File 33.

UPDATE: I personally cannot wait for the Twist That Will Change Everything!

UPDATE: This is the World's Most Diligent Probation Officer.

UPDATE: "I need you to keep your head in this." Heheheheh.

UPDATE: You go, Kayla.

UPDATE: Not to be nitpicky, but this episode has so far involved very little of Jack doing anything except talk excitedly into the phone.

UPDATE: Chloe immediately found the abandoned bank vault. Of course.

UPDATE: "Dammit we're blind." The Plot Twist! They took out CTU! Which actually doesn't seem like such a bad thing.

Take it, The Amazing Steve.


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Ready to go! I'll post something about an hour or so after the show is over.

PS. "Montpelier"

What the hell. Montpelier + all the above.

I know nursecindy voted Montpelier.

She always does.


Am I the only one who is finding HOUSE virtually unwatchable?

Note to Siouxie: CASTLE is a rerun yet again.

Manilow & Alexander. Need Red Eyes brand eye bleach.

Dave, that was cruel and unusual.

Why doesn't Jack ever eat? Manhattan has to have at least ONE McDonald's. He should just shoot all the bad guys, destroy the Lethal Rods of Doom, and go celebrate with a Big Mac and Large Fries. Now THAT would be a show.

I thought the monument was shut down for lack of funding.



there are approximately 8,272 pizza places too, phelps.


Might as well get an early start.


Where did the Washington Monument go?

Ha, Ha Mr. Barry! You did not get me this week with the Barry Manilow picture. I will say that my favorite parts of 24 are Dave's entrance remarks and the Amazing Steve's recap. Jeff, I've said it before and I will say it again. Montpelier is always the correct answer.

Gee, could House find a more obscure disease?

In memory of Peter Graves I'll rack up Airplane for afterwards.

"I'll post something about an hour or so after the show is over."

Steve, this show is soooo over already.


Hi everyone!

Denise says: "I don't like that song."

Homey, stop with the capitals, you're keeping me awake.

House and Wilson are so gay together. B3 & Lighter Shade of Pale.


What twist is going to change everything?

"World's Safest Suicide Vest"

I'm already SNORKing.

Hi, everybody!

...BTW, I saw a blurb on Breitbart's "Big Hollywood" blog today that NBC was thinking about picking up "24" from Fox. So we still may have perimeters to drink to.

The bad news, is that we might also still have the Redneck Sub-Plot. Paddle faster, people, I hear banjos...

Procol Harem was one of the best bands of the 60s. Maybe they should use Procol protocols. Might work.

Hmmm... twist... Renee takes out Starbuck? I wish

What twist is going to change everything?

Posted by: nursecindy | March 15, 2010 at 09:00 PM


Viewer discretion is advised. Because there will be a twist THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!

Or not.

Okay homeybeef let me rephrase what Jeff said. Stop with the capitals or I'm going to slap the snot out of you.

We have clearence, Clarence!

Enough with Dana already.

And the idea of a spinoff with Freddie, Jr. is ludicrous.

"Tarin is f#*king my daughter."

Tarin may twist Kayla's head off, hmm?

Cassie is in the house.

Twist... vampires... yep... vampires....

Hey, ya'all.

A dirty bomb?! That's IRKsome!


Chloe is getting a little more forceful isn't she?

"Arlo will run what?"



Chloe: Just so your job.

That's our gal!

ha. A hotel in NY with windows that open.

What Manhattan hotel has a window that opens?

The Blaine Hotel?

Er, do your job.

Hi Mitch.

Ever been in a Turkish prison... or Chinese one?

House, as much as I love Hugh, is getting repetitive. Every week something happens that causes House to have an epiphany on the mystery disease.

Hi everyone! How's everyone's thighs doing?

And I think Kayla is the one that's been compromised, yes?

If NBC gets 24 will I can just see Olberjerk heading CTU.

YES HOMEBEEF. IT IS!!! Sorry it's just that everytime 24 comes on my chihuahua and my yellow lab decide it's time to play. I spend half of the show yelling at them to "Sit down dammit!"

Sergeant Anus? Nothing to go on there?

Perimeter! Drink!

Perimeter! Drink!

Set up a perimeter! Wow, early drink tonight!

Is that Joe Torre on the NYPD?

Let's not discuss my drug bust in Istanbul please.

*empty laughter, Sgt. Amos*

Time to form a perimeter so Tarin can escape.


Waves at Gennita!

"Believe me, the last thing I will do is hurt you!"

...And quite likely it will be the FIRST thing he does as well, once he joins up with the IRK...

Oh oh, movement on the Fifth Floor! There were plenty of movement before.

OK OK. just for this blog, I will turn off the caps. I like you guys like that.

Yep, definitely Sgt Anus. Won't last 5 minutes.

Hey Gennita!

As much as I want Jack to try NOPAIN, I'd rather see a thigh shot or a stabbing.

Told ya, loser.

Is this the NYPD or the Feds?

Like the terrorist task force isn't wearing vests.

Jack is soooo smart!

The Head of Security got all the NY cops, yup.

Tarin can fake talking American! Those darn terrorists! Who knew?

Well, Jack, the NYPD didn't listen to you the last two times or so you talked to them, why do you think they'll listen NOW?

I swear the NYPD couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if they were using cannons. At least according to 24.

Damn all that shooting and Jack's missing it.

Cabbies pack silencers now?!

I don't think the slugs from *that* weapon would penetrate the policemen's body armor.

Dang, more sleepy time for the good guys.

Hi Nursecindy! Have a drink on me.

Dude, trumpet interlude... Indy to the rescue?

Dave, a really, really shrewd woman would have asked Tarin to hand her a tampon. He would have left immediately without her.

Phantom Cab!

You know how highly trained these guys are? They practice every freaking DAY. The idea of an NYPD rtookie acting this stupid is idiotic.

He got from Midtown to Delancey in 12 seconds.

Gee, like they didn't do the old switch vehicles in the tunnel trick.

And where is this underpass?

Dammit! Uh...it's empty! Empty I tell you!


Jack and NOPAIN doesn't compute! Jack doesn't stop for NOPAIN.

I'm thinking that if you get a good deal on surplus NYPD body armor...it's too good to be true.

Gone in 30 seconds. What else is new.

The Rods.

What is this? Die Hard with a Vengeance?

Underpasses: CTU's natural enemy.

The bastard beat the fare, too!

Has there been a single season of 24 where bad guys didn't go into a tunnel and not come out? I think not. And Jack falls for it every time.

Hmm, was he soldering the Rods?

That was terrble Wes S. Funny

The twist--Ghost driver.

Jeff, my questions exactly. There's no tunnel anywhere near Delancy Street. And Midtown to Delancy in 12 seconds - not hardly...

I just love melting solder on this iron. I inhale the flux and feel groovy.

Roman Polanski film. Send Jack after him

You'd think that as many times as they've been burned by underpasses and tunnels before - and with all the other cameras they have scattered around - CTU would already have had that tunnel wired for video...

Why is Microsoft now running commercials in a foreign language? Is it so we'll think it's classier?

Exactly Gennita.

I'm up to Lily and Reed now. Very very good.

Dave, men never know what OR where "G" is...

Gennita, now that we're home we were able to order your books at last.

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