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March 02, 2010


Another fundamental human right down the toilet.

(Thanks to bonmot)


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Thaaat would be me. "Hurry up, Fido. Poop already. It's f**ing cold out here!"

Well, at least he wasn't making the dog pull the car. That's something to feel good about.

I saw someone doing that (true).

Did not! ... I mean ... Really?

"go, greyhound! leave the driving to me!"

Lazy bugger.

My daughter and I followed a guy on a moped in St. Augustine. He was "flying" a large parrot beside him.
Except for the fact that I feel it is cruel to lock up a bird that should be flying free, I thought this was kind of cool.

Meh.....we've seen folks on golf carts doing this too. Can you spell LAZY??

What really irks me is those idiots who put their cute widdle yapmeisters in a freaking STROLLER!

Shuffles back to bus...

No wonder we're a nation of overweight, physically unfit, , pasty-faced, wanking... no wait... that was in Britain ? Nevermind.

Below the story, I initially interpreted these two links to other stories as a single headline:

Living together leads to marriage for most Top 10 spooky sleep disorders

No more Fruity Pebbles for me...

At least he took the dog outside.

O/T butt... I would like some of the blog brains opinions. My 14 year old told me today that his Art teacher told him and a couple of other male students that as soon as he got home he was going to roll a big fat joint and relax. Am I being a little old fashioned in thinking that he shouldn't be telling this to 14 year olds? O/T

O/T @cindy - while I don't believe that pot should be illegal, I do believe that that may be TMI to be sharing with students in junior high. None of my teachers ever said that they were going to go home and get schnockered on anything, though I'm sure that after dealing with us that's exactly what they did. /OT

@Cindy - that's effing outrageous; sorry for sounding like a prude here. At 14 their teachers are authority figure/role models and they are just looking for ways to rebel and assert their blooming individuality. Like dj says, the issue isn't the use of pot, it's the teacher pasing on the attitude of "it's cool"/"it's okay to break the law and rules"/ and "because I'm telling you this, you're cool too." And what's up with this guy that he has to impress 14 yr old boys instead of just keeping it to himself? Hate to sound like a snitch, but I'd blow the whistle.

What exactly was the offence (notice Brtish accent in my spelling)? Was it clearly posted as a "no dumping" zone?

If I remember correctly, Chevy Chase did a version of this in the original Vacation movie.

I'm guilty of doing this to exercise an insanely wound up golden retriever I had a million years ago. There was no leash involved. I just let him out of the car and followed him at a full run for a few miles (mountain roads, no cars). I think the book Marley and Me was loosely based upon on him.

@Cindy. That is so wrong on so many levels. I've got nothing against pot, hell I was at university in the 60's need I say more, but giving the impression that breaking the law is cool to impressionable 14 year old kids is irresponsible.

Interesting that Colorado, the Mile High state, has legalized pot for medicinal purposes. I mean how high do they wanna go?

You are right, Georg. It ended badly. When the cop pulled Clark (Chevy) over, all that was left was the chain and collar.

@Cindy: as a certified teacher, I have to also point out that a comment like that to students breaks ethical regulations, and may be a sign of one sick dude who's laying the ground work for other conversations with students, IYKWIM. Blow the whistle.

nora, I thought of that too. There are too many stories about teachers who are "too close" with their students in one way or another and this does sound an alarm.

Geezer Alert:

I guess I'm wondering how old this teacher is. If he's pretty young he could just be reflecting the acceptable mores of today's society, where everyone seems to be willing to do anything to get their 15 minutes in the spotlight.

Or he's just a dumb@ss.

Cindy - please cye.

Definitely one toke over the line. Good that your kid's so honest and trusts you. When I was 14 I wasn't telling Mom or Dad anything if I could avoid it.

My 2 cents: Cindy, I won't pretend to be a prude either but this idiot went WAY over the line of teacher/student relationship. I'd definitely blow the whistle. I agree with nora. You don't want him to get too close to your kid.

Jeff, it really doesn't matter how old/young he is. This is just wrong on SO many levels.

Of course it was wrong. I totally agree. I'm just trying to wonder what (if anything) made this guy think it was an acceptable thing to do.

Thanks everyone. I'm going to sit down with my son tonight and have a long talk with him. I'm blessed because he tells me almost everything. We're very close. This teacher is about 25 or 26 and has only been teaching for about 2 years. This is his first year at this school. After I get all the facts and find out what else he's said to them, then I'm going to go see the principal.

Cindy, I just had a similar conversation yesterday with a co-worker. Her husband wants to go to an upcoming Dave Matthews concert but he's a high school teacher. He won't go because he's afraid if any of his students see him there they'll associate him with weed usage. So he's just not going. That's how careful he is about protecting his positive image with his students. This lunkhead needs to be reeled in. Good luck.

I am for the legalization of pot.
However, I would feel the same way about that teacher as if he had said, "I'm going home. Then, I'm going to upend a bottle of Jack and get WASTED!"
It doesn't matter what his drug of choice is; he stepped way over the line.
With his being that young, I'm not sure I'd make a federal case out of it or just remind him of where that line is.

I note that the 'gentleman' in the article is awaiting trial on a charge of attempted murder.Apparently he couldn't be bothered to do that right either.
Jack Bauer this guy ain't.


I agree with the people who say this teacher went way over the line. It's wrong for an authority figure to give this kind of example to a student. Even if he had been a college professer, I'd still be shocked. This is illegal. Encouraging 14 year olds by example to break the law shouldn't be tolerated.

I agree that you're blessed to have a 14 year old who's willing to tell you about this.

Besides, isn't smoking too much pot supposed to slow down the connections between the synapses? A slower brain is not exactly a helpful thing in life.

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