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March 10, 2010


United We Flush

(Thanks to Ralph)


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i'd be more impressed if they were able to fart in unison...

Followed immediately by three huge spikes in hospital emergency room usage due to seat lifting/lowering arguments.

'Flow Chart', eh?

Pfft--amateurs! I sat through all of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (extended version, of course) with my jumbo Diet Coke and jumbo popcorn. It just takes a massive force of will...gotta go. *exits quickly*

Men in their prime have a cast-iron bladder. As we age, it gets "rusty". No, no more beer, thanks.

I wonder how many math teachers will use this and say: "This is why you learn how to graph !"

Syrup suckers flush with success, eh?

But.... but.... isn't this why we have TVs in the bathroom?

I wonder what a flush chart would look like during '24'?

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