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March 04, 2010


A drunken driver engaged in sexual activity with a woman in his truck plowed into a couple's home Sunday morning.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb and Horace LaBadie)


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"Oh baby, OH BABY...OH SH!T!!!!!" *CRASH*

I tend to blame the woman when cars/trucks crash into houses during sex. She should have said NO and demand her beau take her to something like a Barry Manilow concert. Problem solve.

This is part of the Florida driving test, so not a problem there.

They didn't identify the sexual act, but we can safely assume it was the "snow plow".

Monika was his co-pilot.

He's gonna hear it from MADBJs!

Said the President to Monica Lewinsky,
"If you don't want to get caught like Kaczynski,
take the hem of your dress,
and clean up that mess,
And make sure that you wipe off your chinski."

Steve, what's a snow plow? *SMACKS* bonmot. THAT I understood.

bonmot, Ah feel yer pain.

If you fist and drive, you'll truck up everything.

Just not enough cabs in Idaho, I guess.

If his *ahem* unit was still attached, it's safe to assume that the sex act involved did not include teeth in the unit's vicinity.

HER: Was it good for you?

HIM: Oh baby, you made the road move!

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Guess none of us will be commenting there...

Many years ago (cue wavy lines), while driving to a concert (the Dead?) at Merriweather Post, two people in the car ahead of us. Guy driving. Girl ducks down. Car starts weaving. We all laughed, I honked the horn. They pulled over, we went to the show.

Huh ... that was you?

Homosexual is sex at home.
Bisexual is sex on a bicycle.
Autosexual is sex in a car.

If there's a word for it, it has to be OK.

So Metrosexual is sex on the subway?

Driver Ed in Idaho needs to be updated.

Elsexual is Risky Business.

Anybody else remember The World According to Garp when the same thing was happening in a driveway? The girl's father came home and plowed into the back of the car. His member quickly became dismembered. CHOMP

Thank you Lazeeboy! I was trying to remember what movie that was.

"All of a sudden, 'Wham!!' It sounded like a bomb went off,"

And that was before the house was struck...

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