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March 03, 2010


For the next five or six days I'm going to be involved in a major Hollywood glamor show-biz event, so I won't be able to blog much. I'll try to post updates when I can, assuming my phone will function in a hot tub filled with famous naked celebrity movie stars.


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I knew it! You're actually George Clooney!

Somebody hide the ax from Mrs. Blog.

Somehow, being a hot tub nekkid with Chris Kattan and Ed Begley Jr. doesn't strike me as blog-worthy.

Beware of the Kardashians.

Psssst...Dave?? Wet phones don't usually work.

*Idly wonders why Dave's phone will want to be in a hot tub full of naked celebs*

Keep your stick on the ice. (and Walter in a sleeve)

It's about time the Academy recognized Dave's work in the Guide to Guys movie!

assuming my phone will function in a hot tub filled with famous naked celebrity movie stars.

I take that to mean that we can demand expect some greta crap cam photos.

Layzee, I don't think Greta is going.

Great. I mean great photos. Greta Garbo probably won't be there. She's probably dead or something.

Seat filler?

No thanks, Dave's seat is full enough as it is.

or something. she be daid! but i would watch out for lady googoo, or andy bellum, or whoever those people are. and dont trip over paris hilton's little dog.

Maybe he'll get to co-host with Steve Martin if Alex Baldwin gets drunk indisposed again.

Was Dave invited by Mr. Steve Martin's salad, perhaps?

Don't forget to send us photos please.

Have lots of fun with Steve and Alec, Dave.
Put a password in one of your jokes so we'll know it's yours.

password = "Booger"

For Best 3-D Cinecrapcamography in a Bubbling Moistened Celebrity Documentary, the nominees are ......

*starts to get hives* *hyperventilates in brown paper bag*

Dave is coming HERE ??

*alerts boss that she won't be at work for the next 3 days*
*gets stalker gear ready*

So, where are you staying, Dave ???

He's probably staying at Mr. Steve Martin's shack cabin tent lovely home.

Take a meeting with the 24 writers to convince them to hire Steve the 24 Guy. At least as a consultant.

a hot tub filled with famous naked celebrity movie stars.

Which is one of the things (sort of) that this guy was known for.

Are you running for office? If so, which one?

At last, the persistent entreaties of your millions and millions of fans have led to a SNL hosting. ( No wait... You're not Betty White ! )

Dave, did you get that email about Hurt Locker? If not, please vote for it.

now there's a great idea. dave as host of SNL. yeah, i like it.

So Who will you be wearing, Dave?

The only stars in this blog's hot tub will have names like Lassie, Benji, Garfield... Better not invite Nemo, though, the Jacuzzi could get messy with the heater and jets and all.

Are you sure your paper can stand for you to be gone so long?

How will it continue to put out articles as informative as this one?

Six days in a hot tub and Dave will be look all white and shriveled. So, not much different.

Better late than never, but Dave, don't brag about a hot tub full of stars with the abridged list of guests: (please bloggers, add whom I forget) Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles, Phyliss Diller, Chaka Khan, Genghis Khan, Alan Hale JR. Keith Richards+Ronny Wood, Regis, Joan Rivers, Oprah+Steadman, Any Gabor, Paul Reubans, Tommy Chong, help me out people.......

.... a certain singer ......

mtb -- n00000000000

Dave and Ridley do strumpet together a lot so I guess it's safe to assume that Ridley will be in the hot tub. Jennifer Aniston was giving him the eye in the Marley and Me movie. Throw in a couple of Kardashians with a pinch of Baldwin brothers. Stir until mixed thoroughly. Now, I'm going to have to look for some new kilted men pictures for judi who never gets to go anywhere glamorous.

Danny Bonnaduce, Phoebe Snow, Abe Vigoda, Tony Danza, Gloria Estefan . . .

and ..... introducing gary coleman

Bonmot: Abe Vigoda is right on target, thanks:)

You're cleaning hot tubs with that dirty jobs guy?

Dave has been hired to ghost-write phone messages for Alec Baldwin while Alec is busy at the Oscars.

Hot Tubs R Us has just signed a six-figure endorsement deal with Dave. Check that. With Tiger Woods. Mrs Blog and Mrs Tiger are preparing to shoot many water-logged thighs...

Your Pulitzer could beat up their Oscar. Just sayin'.

Skip the limo, Dave - Oscar entrance via Weinermobile.

Weinermobile, perfect Annie. Buncha hotdogs anyway. I wonder how many will be showing up in Priuseseses this year?

Will there be any crap cam photo's of Dave and the unknown Hollywood celebrities soaking naked in a hot tub?

I'm sure Nick Nolte will be in there too.

Don't forget Roseanne Barr Barr Arnold Arnold Barr just Roseanne.

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