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March 01, 2010


Rethink the elephant.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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The in-heat female, bridesmaid Chandra Patel, was regretful for choosing a wrinkled gray leathery wedding outfit and expressed her most heartfelt sympathies to the truck.

I think it had drinking some of this . . .

Key understatement:

‘It is a very powerful urge,’ said one expert.

I have heard of cover bands at weddings trashing a couple of hotel rooms and a limo.

I wonder if the elephant can play piano.


Nice one, Mahatma, even to the "makes you want to have sex with trucks" line.

*goes to order some Brawndo*

Delhi? I'm utterly shocked, shocked, that people in the most materialistic city in the world would think it's a good idea to hire an elephant for a wedding.

Socal and Florida have got nothing on Delhi when it comes to crass ostentation. It's beaten only by what Delhi itself considers to be ostentation-worthy. I'll bet you that the 20 "limousines" in the article turn out to be Honda Civics and Hyundai Elantras. It's almost like Delhiites are trying to compensate by proclaiming loudly that their son drives a Honda Civic.

Whoa. Been there.

"'It is a very powerful urge,’ said one expert."

No sher, Shitlock.

...and another thing:

"New Delhi Rampage," WBAGNFARB

I wonder why, every time I see an over the top episode of idiocy, I think "Reminds me of college"?

I don't remember college being that crazy. What I remember of college, anyway.

Huge mammals are all the Raj at today's smart nuptials, for a smashing "I Do" that your guests will never forget!

Yes, stick with the whole stuffed camel.

This whole store sounds like it came from the SIMPSONs. And again, whenever there is chaos and destruction there's a woman behind it !

If you musth, you musth.

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