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March 15, 2010


Tonight at 9 p.m. Eastern Daylight Nighttime Time. Be here, or be a person wearing a Santa outfit who has perhaps consumed too much beer.


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EYE BLEACH!! I was expecting a picture of Dan Aykroyd.

Ho, Oh NO!

Hmmm. My work filter says that Santa link is "tasteless." From this blog? Inconceivable!


oh yeah...


My work filter strikes again. Thanks!

My work filter said "porn." Thanks Dave, do you need another assistant? Dog sitter? Ant stomper?

I liked my whale snot idea better...

My work filter said "Did you get this sh!t from that Barry guy?"

NSFW santa pic. Here's a safe one.

Saved by the Nanny.bot

Honestly, rather than try to get through a 24 episode, I'm gonna put on a Santa suit and get hammered.

Exactly where are the ho's, bonmot?

Looks like a belly man.

wiredog, we're so disappointed in you. btw, I have learned to hover over a link before clicking on it. You'd better hope Siouxie doesn't see that.

I saw

*SMACKS* dawg~

Here's hoping that since the show is getting whacked at the end of this season the writers go nuts and bring back Edgar, Michelle, Teri, and the cougar in the final 2 episodes. Or at least the cougar to off Kim once and for all.

They need a Sledge Hammer ending. "Trust me. I know what I'm doing". Boom. They've stolen everything else.

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