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March 10, 2010


If the cleansing spray of a high tech toilet was replaced with a fire hose, would it be able to blast a person into the air?

(Thanks to N1LUL)


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Japan: Land of the Rising Sun Moon.

That is just WRONG on so many levels. I am practically speechless.


The bidet needs adjustment. At least it got rid of that cast-iron dingleberry.

I mostly don't want to think about the psycho-sexual connotations for Japanese culture in general...

Headline: Japanese Space Program Adjusts to Budget Cuts

Whew! Glad I saw that before we started working on the bathroom this weekend!

And who is the dude with safety sash & Bullwinkle horns??

*will not go for the 'there's a little nip in the air' joke. that would just be wrong*

wow. did that video have enough replays, or what?

Gives the phrase "Up Yours" a whole new meaning.

what a douche

As if any more proof was needed that the Japanese are fricking INSANE.

Oh thats terrible trustf8. LOL. Wasn't this a plot in Dilbert by the pointy haired boss to get rid of headcount ?

With friends like that, who needs enemas?

Like a Japanese version of MythBusters.

Oh, and by the way, "13m70cm" is about 45 feet.

If *snork*ing at fivver is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Gives a whole new meaning to a high colonic.

Thus ends the problems of skid marks on Japanese underwear.

Preparation H2OOOOOOOOOO

Wimps! I guess they couldn't find a real stunt man to test that out. I'm sure there is at least one in San Francisco willing to try.

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