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February 16, 2010


They need to show more biathlon.

(Thanks to Brett)


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I think the Winter Games could be much more exciting if you combined the biathalon with other sports.... like the ski jumping. A moving target would require so much more skill!

Did somebody say "show more biathon?"


(tosses a "l" up to the previous post)

It's always been my favorite winter Olympic event--none of this wussy "judges' panel" cr@p! Imagine--the only sport based on the Finnish-Russian war during World War II!

Basically, add a rifle to any other event and I'll watch the whole thing...

I'd watch.

I could see Jack Bauer competing in this. He would excel.

Now that you mention it a 24 season based on Jack saving the Olympics would be epic. It's got to be better than this season.

Wes S. I can see how you forgot the 'l' in biathlon. After seeing the picture you posted I'm surprised you could type at all. Shame, shame. Allen are you that tough? I'll bet if I came up behind you and popped a balloon you'd run. Can you imagine all the terrible phony accents they'd have if they did do a 24 season based on Jack saving the Olympics? The Koreans and Russians would sound alike.

I'd definitely watch. And want to compete.

*imagines Siouxie cross-country skiing through the Everglades, shooting pythons for practice*

In case anyone is watching the Olympics they are doing the mens figure skating. Any blog guys skate like this? I love it and could watch this fellow skate all day. If he wasn't available this one would be fine.

hee hee hee, I showed this clip to my students today.

...and, nc, Evan Lysacek is the SEXIET MAN ALIVE!!!

The event where they cross country ski then stop to play the accordian for 5 minutes is more interesting.

how about figure skating with pistols?

I would so watch this if Siouxie was in it, preferably with a machete to pick off survivors who duck the bullets.

Note to Tash: my wife says "are you kidding, that Swiss guy is much sexier"

My current wife liked the Russian.

I don't know if I'd rather have a million rubles or his nose full of kopeks.

Yeah, that was a major honker all right.

I like the lady bi-athletes.

You can't fool me, that's the trailer for the new James Bond movie...

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