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February 18, 2010


Guys are action-oriented.

(Thanks to JT)


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I bet he got rid of the icicles, though.

Will beat me to my comment. Again, another incident where a female was not involved. A woman would have used her hairdryer.

Yes, cindy. Hair dryers are also good for defrosting non-frost-free freezers. Mr. Ducky (years ago) used an ice pick for that particulary duty. The result? A nice, new, frost-free freezer!

Yep. Another vote for the hairdryer.

And may I add...BRILLIANT!

*Reaches up, grabs extraneous "y" from post*

Siouxie, I'll drink to that! Wine, please; hold the icicles.

My wife and I have been stuck in the Great White North (Kentucky) for most of this winter. I have great sympathy for this guy. Any source of heat is welcome. I'd even be willing to share my bed with my daughter's dogs if Stewie hadn't already shown his willingness to pee on pillows.
And, yes, he was named for that Family Guy toddler.

I hate when that happens to me to other people.

Good thing he didn't try it on his frosticles!

A real guy would have used explosives.

I'm still trying to picture how he did this. It seems like a decent idea to me. I'm not real handy though.

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