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February 13, 2010


Caring for Pets Left Behind by the Rapture

(Thanks to Mr. Gene Weingarten)


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Bad dog! Stay!

Gee I can hardly wait to plan for that!

Wish I'd thought of this scam. Rats.


Brilliant (sorry, Siouxie).

When you fly up to heaven
Your pets are here to stay
For a not-so-tidy sum
We'll see that they can play

We are non believers
You can bet that we'll be kind
When Fido needs a friend
We'll surely ease your mind.

After the dogs are consigned to the atheist post-rapture pet sitting service they will be wearing these.

I think some pet owners may be a little overly optimistic. If you're an atheist then wouldn't you also NOT believe in the rapture? I get it. They're making fun of Christians.

I'm really not sure of myself but I know that dogs have souls. This is certain because my wife once had a dog that was purely diabolical.
If that dog wound up sitting beside Jesus, I know he's peeing on His sandals and stealing His lunch.

And here I though all dogs went to Heaven....

*adds a t up there*

I want to sell insurance against demonic possession. Anybody tries to collect, I got some interesting ideas for exorcism techniques.

*snork* @ MKJ

A just and loving God would ensure that your pets went with you, wouldn't He?

Just sayin'...

Five in heaven are in my mind
(I'm the one who's 'left behind')

Two still share my earthly home
And tho my 'godly heart' may roam...

I Trust Fate will serve me well
(We all wish Heaven over Hell)

On their furry backs I'll soar
as they sneak me in thru their 'doggie door'.

Maybe with atheists there would be less spray painting and costuming of the stay-at-home dogs.

Dorothy: And Toto, too??

Glinda: Well, no.....

Maybe all the rough weather we've been having is from vibrations caused by the angels laughing hysterically at schemes like this.

And...good one, trustf8.

I don't believe in Dog.

Deja-view, Meanie.

Great job, tf8!

Dogs likely would go to Heaven. Cats would make up their own alternative to Heaven or the other place.

At least it isn't a scheme to exploit the irrational fears of one's fellows. Personally, I always imagined that the pets would make out just fine scavenging the bodies of those Left Behind who were victims of War, Pestilence, Famine and Death.

That is touching, tF8.

*snork* @ MtB.

The next best thing to pet salvation in a Post Rapture World...

actually, I thought all of us left behind were headed you-know-where in a handbasket... and you know Toto would jump out.

I think the animals will come along in the rapture. Pets, anyway.

I agree animals have souls. They certainly have personalities.

When I was a kid, we had a German Shepherd who seemed to understand how people felt and cared.

A world without 20 to 40 million sanctimonious fundamentalist Christians is my idea of Heaven. And I will be happy to care for their pets.

I would think that a loving God who MADE all the animals would not leave them behind in the Rapture. As we well know, animals give "unconditional love" something none of us humans are able to accomplish on a consistant basis.

Why would anyone want an animal with a rupture? That's just dum ... oh, ok. never mind.

Marley is God and the beauty of the Rapture already occured in my humble estate of beleifs. Do I look for more, maybe, but that and slow remain to be seen! Ha.

Remember, a loving, all knowing God, knows what's in the mind of your pet. Maybe you don't want it there with you in heaven.

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