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February 13, 2010


Anatomy-Boosting Underpants

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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18 pounds a pair? How could they hold anything up?

I feel about these the way I feel about the wonder bra. What a let down when removed.

"However we can't be held responsible for what happens once the pants come off," he added.

Isn't that always the way, cindy?

I believe in truth in advertising.

If men are going to falsely inflate anything in their pants to attract women, they might have more success with the Wonder Wallet Enlarger.

I've always wondered about "padding" and how to explain it when it becomes obvious. It would seem to be advertising something that you don't dare sell.
I had a girlfriend in the sixties who, I believe, single-handedly saved the Kleenex company.

I think I knew her, Steve!

*SNORK!*@ "76 percent surge"

Another reason to love Capitalism.

There are no atheists in dog houses.

That comment belongs over on the previous thread.

I've heard of this type of underwear for male dogs. Its to impress the bi...es in their chastity belts.

Surge, another reason to hate the movie, Dear John.

Splurge on the other hand, is finding money you didn't know you have and feeling like you could afford Candace (the name).

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