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February 15, 2010


Kiefer has been taken out of action by a cyst.

(Thanks to many people)


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Oh, I'm going to have to work on a special parody of that for tonight...

Can't he just sit in the car and talk to Renee/Chloe/Dana/The President/Hastings/whoever on the shoe phone?

Sheesh, scriptwriters!

See my post above.

Based on the ad, I think tonights show is going to recreate a shocking scene from Lethal Weapon.

Cyst! Boom! Bah!

Damn, what's his problem ... ?? A quick shot to the thigh, the bullet caroms off the leg bone and takes out the cyst. Case closed...

Did anyone see his dad at the Olympics? I hope Kiefer got to see that. I still miss "Dirty Sexy Money"...

Freckles is pretty good with tools and removing things. This would have been a cinch for her.

Steve: yes I did ;) I liked that show too. He was so slimy in that...loved it!

"Bauer will continue to the end of 24".... but will he come out of the coma?

Steve, I DID see that. Donald is still just as sexy as he ever was - and incredibly dignified-looking as well.

I hope that I don't make too many of you bloggers jealous but, I have a brand new t-shirt that says CTU on the front of it and 24 on the sleeve that I will be wearing for blogging tonight. It was free with the purchase of Season 1 of 24 and I fell for bought it. It was a special offer only available at W@lmart. They may have some left.

Diva and I have decided we want to start a bobsled team with us and Apolo Ohno. Interested in joining us, Siouxie or any other blog ladies?

Hasn't anyone at Imagine ever stopped to think that Donald Sutherland would be an incredible villain for 24...

Even though he's older, Steve, Donald could still kick Jack's tail. I loved him in the movie MASH. He would make an amazing villain though. Maybe the 24 writers will read this and try your idea out.

Will he have to wear that dress again to have his cyst removed???

Maybe they could shoot the next episode with this guy.

The cyst was probably fine until Freckles stuck the knife into it...

Just sayin'.

They'll have to set up a perimeter around the cyst before removing it.


"While Kiefer Sutherland is frustrated to miss even one day of work...' Fox has ordered him to cease and decyst."

Today's 24 poll:

How do you think the doctors should handle this situation?

O Call in House
O Use twice the usual dose of anesthetic
O Bring in the Nuclear Rods of Doom
O Give Kiefer the scalpel and let him take it out himself
O Montpelier

Whatever you do, Jack, Don't Fall Asleep !!

Warning label on side of "24" DVD box: failure to use the bathroom in a 24 hour time period may result in kidney cyst.

"Will he have to wear that dress again to have his cyst removed???"

Aren't you thinking of Jamie Farr?

Cystic Perimeter opened for Linnard Skinnard in the 70s, I think, but I can't remember....

They have to remove a mole or two every season, why not a cyst? Janis was sort of a cyst last year.

24 was created for the mindless fool. How could people continue to watch and enjoy this show when after 7 seasons it is the same plot, same story and same outcome? Latest episodes depict how a petty criminal could find an ex girl friend who is under a new cover identity, and the exact location of the CTU quarters where this ex (who happens to be a CTU agent) works. A cover that is so well crafted that even the infamous CTU intelligence agency was unable to discover; yet, a well-connected and notorious criminal do not know who Jack Bauer is – after him saving the world for seven seasons.
Who could really find any of this believable or entertaining? Kill Jack already……….

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