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February 10, 2010


...a day to put on some romantic music, light the candles, and play fetch.

(Thanks to nursecindy)


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*scratches behind ear* (SO hard to get my leg that high!)

and...your point?

Petting has long been the preferred activity on Valentine's Day.

Here are a couple ideas for your canine sweetie. For some strange reason they don't sell Valentines Day outfits for cats.

Why am I not surprised the French are at the bottom of that list?

Roses are red,
violets are blue.
I'd rather be,
with Fido than you.

Hey, Punkin, how long can you hold that pose...?

Nothing says romance like cozying up with someone who drinks out of the toilet.

On a country-by-country basis, residents of Turkey were the most likely, at 49 percent, to choose their pet over their spouse or partner.

There must be a lot of nervous sheep over there. (IYKWIM)(ITYD)(TIALWWT)

I did notice a canine Snuggie in the drug store Valentine's Day display the other day.

I'm confused.

Because dogs love you just the way you are...

Dogs love you more.

Try this. Put your wife and your dog in the trunk of your car and leave them there for an hour.

Open the trunk and then see who is glad to see you.

bon, you best be ready to run like hell and take the damn dog with you.

Bon, summer or winter?

bon, another idea

Come home, greet your dog and your spouse.

Go out to get the mail, see who greets you just at though they had not seen you 3 minutes before?

Love the poem!

Snarf to Clanka zoid!!!!

Roses aren't red
Violets aren't blue
Fido's happy with just one bone
So why aren't you?

*slams trunk closed*

Thus explaining the popularity of the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds.

*snork* @ tf8!

Roses mean love,
Daisies mean joy,
I'm cutting you off,
And Fido's a boy.

I agree with Siouxie, bonmot. Also remember women do have thumbs and can shoot firearms. Of course some dogs can do that too. Bravo on the poem Punkin!


(I'm a cat person as well as a dog person.)

*high fives siouxie*

*snorks!* @... well, pretty much everyone... good job!

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