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February 07, 2010




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Colts' colors with Mardi Gras beads? This guy's a little conflicted.

Dave meets the most interesting people. I wonder if that guy just left Walmart since he is carrying a Walmart bag. btw, if those media badges get much bigger you're going to need Judi to hold it (the badge) for you so you don't tumble over.

Good lord, is that a press pass around your neck? It's the size of Wisconsin!

cindy, that's pretty much how all Wal-Mart shopping Floridians look, judginf from our experience.

And Dave's sweater proves how cold it is today.

Right, Siouxie?

cindy, what you REALLY want to know is if that guy is single. Suzy won't mind. Right??

Meanie?? relative of yours?

Dave's pal appears to have a keg of beer concealed under his jersey.

I'll let Annie have this one, Siouxie. I've been a little selfish lately.

member of the blue man group gone rouge?

Siouxie - only an in-law, who was kicked out of the family for being nice.

Yeash, I'm with cindy: Annie can have him. He looks a bit high-maintenance to me.

And Mel Gibson was at the game.

I'm with Suzy. I had no idea the iPad also served as a press pass.

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