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February 07, 2010


NOTE from The Blog via the s.b.: These updates were sent in earlier, like, when they were actually happening, but have only just appeared on the blog. We apologize for any confusion. Well, not the confusion you're having because of all the beer. But any confusion that is solely based on the untimely appearance of these photos.



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Dave, did you duck just in case some of the fine folks from the Miami Tourist Bureau were shooting off those explosives? I will say that the beginning with the singing of America The Beautiful, and The Star Spangled Banner brought tears to my eyes. Especially the flyover. Being a former military brat those things get to me still.

That was when Denny's launched the screaming chickens into space, right Miami Harold?

I sent this comment in way earlier.

I missed this part. I'm sure it was lovely.

Was this an ED commercial?

Hey, it's the Mentos in the pop bottle thing.

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