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February 07, 2010


Something is going on here, but I have no idea what.



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The person in front of you is surfing the internet for porn?

He was the one clogging up the entire FAYZBEWK?

Looks to me, Dave, like Peyton Manning is getting ready to throw his game-losing interception...

Snork. And Geaux Saints!

...It's been reported that the Indianapolis school district is delaying start of classes by two hours tomorrow, so as to give its teachers and bus drivers time to recuperate from their Super Bowl hangovers.

Seems some district employees were late to work the day following Indy's last Super Bowl appearance, and the kids were left waiting in the cold for tardy bus drivers.

So I'm wondering, Dave: Since this was a working vacation for you, will the Herald be considerate enough to do the same for you?

He must be trying to watch the commercials.

End zone?

I'm going to take a wild guess and say... it's the second quarter, the Saints are down 10-0 and driving, first and 10 on the Colts' 29. Drew Brees is about to hand off to Pierre Thomas who will get stopped for a one-yard gain. The Saints drive will stall and they will settle for a field goal.

Was I close?

I think the guy with the computer is reading the blog. I know this is just the girl in me but I hate that one team has to lose. The Colts coach looked so sad. He seems like a really nice guy. So does Peyton Manning. Instead of calling them losers couldn't they just say they came in second place? Do you blog guys ever think this way?


Finally! The Bolts get their comeuppance! It's payback for the midnight run! Woo hoo!

Speaking of commercials...well *I* wasn't but Meanie was.

Is it me or did most of them suck the big time?? I only chuckled at a couple of them. Thought most were pretty lame. The casket/Doritos guy was my fav.

Lame was the word for most of them, Siouxie. None were outstanding, IMHO.

Wow, wiredog, you've been in the Balt-Wash area for a while, I take it. I was in MD when they snuck out, but spent a few years in CA before returning to join a Beltway Bandit.

I like the Doritos kid who told the date to keep his hands off his mama, and keep his hands off his Doritos.

I loved that commercial too Diva, they chose the cutest little guy. The other cute one was the E-trade baby triangle.......poor little milkaholic

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